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#201 : Mémoire en fuite

Après en avoir terminé avec l'assassin du Détective Marks et la disparition de sa mère, Toby décide d'aider les autres. Un jour, ils sont appelés lui et Oz sur une plage du Lac Ontario et ils trouvent une femme qui souffre d'amnésie. Toby décide de l'aider pour découvrir ce qui lui est arrivé et voit petit à petit qu'elle a été victime d'une tentative d'assassinat par une compagnie minière, mais qu’elle est également recherchée pour meurtre par le IIB (Integrated Investigation Bureau), une unité de police canadienne.

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Titre VO
Lady in the Lake

Titre VF
Mémoire en fuite

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


201 : Lady in the Lake - Sneek Peak

201 : Lady in the Lake - Sneek Peak


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Audience 1ère diffusion sur CTV : 812 000 téléspectateurs


Réalisateur Kari Skogland

Scénariste :  Ben Sokolowski

Acteurs :

Craig Olejnik : Toby Logan

Lauren Lee Smith : Michelle McCluskey

Ennis Esmer : Oz Bey

Mylène Dinh-Robic : Olivia Fawcett

Peter Stebbings : Alvin Klein

Arnold Pinnock : George Ryder

Rainbow Francks : Dev Clark

Stuart Hughes : Jerry

Sabrina Grdevich : Sarah Mirtschin

Tara Spencer-Nairn : Sandy Wardwell

Sebastien Roberts : Dr. Shane Lawson

Rekha Sharma : Lynn Kendall

Patrick Stevenson : Martin

Stephen Park : Roman Przyblanski

Bruce Beaton : Ferry Operator

Toby, après avoir culpabilisé suite au meurtre de Charlie Marks et de la disparition de sa mère, décide qu'il est temps d'utiliser son don pour aider les autres. Il en a l'opportunité lorsque lui et Oz viennent en aide à une femme découverte sur la plage (Rekha Sharma, Battlestar galactica, V). Mais la victime est amnésique et ne semble pas être ce qu'elle prétend. Pendant ce temps, le Sergent Michelle McCluskey (Lauren Lee Smith, Mutant X, The L word, CSI), qui est en charge du dossier de cette femme, est curieuse de l'intérêt que porte Toby à cette affaire.

(écrit par Samsara)

Lady In The Lake

In the Toronto streets.

Toby is riding his motorbike.

Toby : "My mom would say everybody's got their own gift, she never did tell me how I get mine. That's okay, it's not important anymore. What matters now that I accept what I've been given. I used to wonder where my gift would take me. Now I realize it's up to me. Can a guy have fun?"

In a park.

Toby arrives in a park where takes place a chess tournament. Oz is taking the bets.

Oz : Anybody else want to make a bet? You got to bet on it $10, all right man in the grassy shirt. Anybody else want to place a bet? You there sir, what's your name? Okay, who else?

A young boy : I'll take that.

Oz : You? Keep your money kid. I'm doing you a favor, trust me.

Player #1 : "Sacrifice the Knight and I can save my Queen".

Toby plays and wins the first chess party

Oz : Five to one. He's got to win all four games. I don't see him doing it, do you? There you go.

Player #2 : "It's simple, in ten moves, guard the king... how can I forget rule #1, six and beat six".

Toby plays the second game and win again.

Player #3 : "What happened to my plan?"

Toby wins the third game.

Toby : Good game.

Player #4 : Thank you.

A watcher : I don't think he can win one more game.

Toby wins the last game.

Oz : I don't think he can win one more game. There it is, he did it, that's four for four.

Toby : Oz, let's wrap this up.

Oz : Who has money on this? Thank you, thank you very much.

The young boy : Can you teach me how to play like that?

Toby : No, but I can teach you how to play.

The young boy : Deal. Next Wednesday?

Toby : Deal, same time. All right.

Oz : Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen. Be good, stay in school. (To Toby) Hey wait, hold on, man.

Toby : That was intense, man.

Oz : It was a little crazy, right? What are you going to do with your hit?

Toby : (To a volunteer) Mind putting that in there for me? Thank you. (To Oz) I'm going to head out of here.

Oz : Are you serious?

Toby : Yeah.

Oz : You want to make me feel bad now? (To the volunteer) Great, good stuff. I love donating. I love it, it's fun.

The volunteer : All right. Thank you.

Oz : (To a homeless) I got nothing, sorry man.

In Toby and Oz's ambulance.

Toby is driving.

Oz : We were at $250 each. The point of this whole venture is to use your ability to make a fortune. You're not thinking long-term. You could be a legend, a con man for the ages.

Toby : Not my style.

Oz : So what? You're a telepathic Robin Hood? Stealing from the unjustly rich, giving to the unfairly poor?

Toby : So I take a wee fall into the unfairly poor category. Is that right Little John?

Oz : Have you looked at your paycheck lately?

EMS dispatcher : University 2-1, distress call, female, unkown age, found unconscious and pulled from the lake.

Toby : University 2-1, we're on it.

On the beach.

The rescuer : Hey, hey, she's over here.

Oz : Rule number one, what's rule number one?

Toby : Don't run.

Oz : Exactly, we run, we trip, we fall, we might get hurt. We get hurt what good are we?

Toby : We're no good.

Oz : Exactly. Now ladies and gentlemen can I have you all clear out of the way please and give us a little space?

The rescuer : I pulled her out from the lake. I'm not sure how long she's been there.

Toby : Okay, thank you.

Toby examines the victim.

Oz : Can you come over her please?

Toby : Ma'am can you hear me? Ma'am?

Oz : A little space, there you go, come on over, it's okay.

Toby : I got a breath guys, go get the blankets and stretcher.

Oz : Yeah, okay.

The rescuer : Are you okay?

Toby : Hey Oz, hey Oz, come here.

Oz : Where is she going?

Toby : No, no, no, we're going to help you, relax, you're okay, I got you. 



Toby is cleaning the ambulance while Oz is telling the story that has just happened to them to their paramedics' colleagues.

Oz : So before long you know Toby and I managed to grab her before she could dive back in and the kicker is that she's amnesic so you understand if we don't chase after her, then you know what can happen in that situation.

Ryder : Mr. Bay, you broke rule #1.

Oz : Well, under the circumstances as I was telling...

Ryder : You ran after this woman and you do not run!

Olivia : Excuse me.

Ryder : Oh, the lovely Dr. Fawcett.

Toby : Pick me, please. Can I go Mr. Ryder? I'll, uh, I'll finish this up later, thank you.

Olivia : (To Ryder) Thank you.

Ryder : (To Toby) Not a problem. (To Oz) My office, in five minutes! Oh my God.

At the hospital.

In the hospital's corridors.

Toby : So what's going on Liv?

Olivia : I was thinking we could take a look inside... help her dig some stuff up.

Toby : Yeah, but Liv, you know she's got amnesia.

Olivia : Yes, but the full memories are still there somewhere and I'm thinking if you feed a detail or two back to her it might job something.

Toby : It's a lot of work.

Olivia : Aren't you the least bit curious? Come on.

Toby : Look Liv, I don't see how I can read thoughts she doesn't have.


In Ryder's office.

Oz : Sir, I can explain. The woman was clearly in distress and...

Ryder : Sit down.

Oz : Okay.

Ryder : That's not what I want to talk to you about... at least not right now.

Oz : Oh. Okay, what did you want to talk to me about?

Ryder : You went out on a call a couple of months ago. Campus pub, lady had irregular heartbeats...

Oz : Yeah sure, uh, I remember. Is there something wrong?

Ryder : That depends on you point of view. Personally I'm a little shocked. Seems that you are to receive a commendation for your actions in the field.

Oz : A commen....

Ryder : ...dation, yes.

Oz : Well sir I'm, I'm speechless.

Ryder : I'm speechless too, Mr. Bay, but don't stay that way. Ceremony's a week from Sunday and you're gonna need a speech.

Oz : Huh, okay. All right, thank you. Great.

Ryder : I am full of joy for you.

 At the hospital.

Olivia : (To the amnesic woman) Ann. Hi, we've got decent clothes. They're not haut couture but they'll do for now.

Ann : Thank you.

Olivia : And let's get you settled in over here.

Toby : Here let me help you with that.

Ann : Oh, thanks.

Olivia : And I thought you should meet one of the paramedics that saved your life.

Toby : Hey.

Ann : Hey.

Toby : So it's Ann, is it?

Ann : Oh, that's what she calls me.

Olivia : After Anastasia, the lost daughter of the Romanov's.

Toby : Of course, yes.

Olivia : So any breakthroughs?

Ann : Oh no. I've been trying. Manicured nails, likely not a maid.

Olivia : And you were wearing a power suit, a kind of businesswoman, I bet.

Toby : I doubt you are married, cause there's no tan line on your ring finger.

Olivia : Do you remember when Toby was helping you?

Ann : I remember him trying.

Toby : Yeah. Where were you running anyway? Where were you going to go?

Ann : I don't know. Doesn't make any sense, any of it.

Toby : You were upset, something had disturbed you.


In Ann's thoughts.

Two men and Ann are on a boat. One of the man is trying to drown Ann.

A man's voice : "What the hell are you doing? Stop!"

Ann : "No!"


Toby : When we found you on the beach, you mumbled something about a man and a boat.

Ann : Maybe... oh don't know... it's like there's something there, but it's just... just out of reach. It's so frustrating.

Olivia : Well, maybe we better let Ann rest.

In the hospital's corridors.

Toby : That was a strange read. Everything was murky. There was a pulse of light, she's so...

Olivia takes a coffee from a man carrying them for the hospital's staff.

Olivia : (To the man carrying coffees) Thank you. (To Toby) But there was something there, right?

Toby : Yes, there was. Traces of it anyway, whatever it was it just felt wrong.

Olivia : So now you do want to now what's up.

Toby : Yeah, I do. I'm a little bit curious.

A doctor : Dr. Fawcett? Shane Lawson. You called for a neuro consult?

Toby : Toby Logan.

Olivia : A con... a consult, yeah I did do that, didn't I? Right, right, I'm sorry... she's right over... she's right over here. She was found this morning unconscious.

Olivia walks with Dr. Lawson to Ann's bed.

Sandy : Looks like someone's in love.

Toby : Lust. It's lust.

Sandy : Are you okay with that?

Toby : Yeah, I'm fine with that. Liv and I broke up forever ago.

Sandy : Okay, just checking.

Toby : How are you? Are you good?

Sandy : Still divorced.

Toby : It's cool.


Toby and Oz are checking their paramedic materials.

Oz : Okay, haemostatic gauze

Toby gives him the haemostatic gauze.

Oz : Talk to that amnesic?

Toby : Uh, yeah, her memory's gone. She doesn't know who she is.

Oz : Wound closure kit.

Toby gives him the wound closure kit.

Toby : It's like she sees bits and pieces, this massive void.

Oz : Sound like me the Monday after Lalapalooza. Oral rehydration salts.

Toby : There we go.

He gives him the oral rehydration salts.

Oz : Thanks. Tell me you're not getting involved.

Toby : I am not getting involved. I mean, you can't help but feel for her but I'm not getting involved.

Oz : Who is it that if you go down this road again, I should stop them?

Toby : What's road?

Oz : The "I sense someone is in danger, let me try to help and now I'm in world of hurt" road.

Toby : It's not that king of thing.

Oz : Toby, I know you've been through a lot, feeling guilty about losing Charlie and the disappearance of your mom, but do you really want to do this again?

Toby : Oz, I appreciate what you're doing, protecting me.

Oz : You don't have to save everybody, Toby. It's hard enough trying to save yourself.

Toby : I'm not trying to save everybody.

In a bar.

Toby, Olivia and Oz are talking, sitting in a bar.

Oz : I don't understand, a high-powered woman just drops off the face of the earth and nobody's looking for her? It doesn't make any sense.

Olivia : Well I thought that if you could push a little harder to jog her memories... because if she was attacked, I mean, they're still out there somewhere.

Toby : I just have to be careful to not plant any ideas in her head.

Olivia : Deal.

Toby : Deal, ok.

Oz : Okay, to deals.

Toby : (To the barman) Thanks Brian.

Dr Lawson : I hope this isn't a private party?

Olivia : Yes it is, but you're on the list.

Dr Lawson : Great.

Olivia : So what's the word on Ann?

Dr Lawson : No hematoma, no sign of brain swelling, ran EEG, C scan, MRI.

Olivia : Given the results on the baseline, CBC, CR, LFT, ING serum.

Oz : I'm sorry, are we here to talk about good news or bad news?

Dr Lawson : Oh it's good. It just means that there's no damage to the brain itself, which means here memory loss is temporary.

Toby : That is good. So what's the treatment?

Dr Lawson : Time.

Toby : Time?

Dr Lawson : Just wait it out.

Olivia's cellphone rings.

Olivia : Sorry guys I got to take this.

Toby : Sure.

Olivia leaves them to take the call farther in a table.

Dr Lawson : Toby, right?

Toby : Yeah, Sean?

Dr Lawson : Shane.

Toby : Shane. Good to see you again.

Dr Lawson : I hope this isn't too sensitive a subject... word is you...

Toby : Oh no, we broke up.

Dr Lawson : So you don't mind if I...

Toby : I screwed up. Yeah.

Dr Lawson : Well.

Toby : (To Oz) Hey, should we invite him to the poker game on Wednesday night.

Oz : We pull up.

Dr Lawson : All right, uh, have a good night boys.

Oz : No room at the table.

Toby : Yeah.

Oz : Wait a second, you're not jealous, are you?

Toby : Him? Come on.

Oz : He is in really good shape tough. Like, distractingly good shape.

Toby : Well I've been working it out.

 At Northern Superior Mining building.

The CEO's company Gerry Morrow, who wants Ann's death, is calling Martin, the man charged of her murder.

Gerry Morrow : Did you see the paper?

Martin : Yeah, I saw it. I'm on my way to the hospital right now.

Gerry Morrow : Martin you were supposed to get rid of her. Now she's in the paper.

Martin : I told you this was going to happen the minute she started asking too many questions.

Gerry Morrow : What do you want me to say, you were right?

Martin : I'm going to find her and finish it.

 At the hospital.

Martin is walking discreetly around the beds, seeking for Ann.

Sandy : Excuse me sir, can I help you with something?

Martin : Just got a little turned around that's all.

 In Toby and Oz's ambulance.

Toby is driving towards the hospital.

Oz : Hey do you remember that campus intubation?

Toby : No.

Oz : Oh right, you were off then. Okay, well Ryder, he paired me up with hot shot, the rookie, Watanabi.

Toby : Oh, Watanabi, he's a good man.

Oz : Well the commendation is for the intubation.

Toby : All right, that's good, good for you.

Oz : I mean, it'd be good if I earned it, you now, but Watanabi did the intubation.

Toby : He's not qualified.

Oz : No he's not qualified. I swear to God I turn my back to two seconds and he's got the tube down this woman's throat. So on the call sheet we wrote that I did it.

Toby : All right, so maybe if he hadn't acted so quickly, maybe the outcome would have been different. Maybe you guys did the right thing.

Oz : You know what? It's okay.

Toby : Whoa... who's that? Is that Ann? What's she doing out here? Hey, hey, Ann?

Oz : Hey, hey.

Toby : What are you doing? They didn't discharge you? Where are you going?

Ann : I have this terrible feeling and I have to get away.


Ann's thoughts.

Ann is on a boat with Martin who is going to drown her.

Martin : "Did you think you get away with it?"


Olivia : Ann, there you are. We were worried. Huh, Dr. Lawson wants to run some additional tests.

Oz : I'll take her. Here I got her, don't worry about it. Come here.

Olivia : Thank you.

Toby : Liv?

Olivia : Yeah?

Toby : I think you got to keep an eye on her.

Olivia : We will.

Toby : No, I think someone tried to kill her. You need to get her security.

Olivia : We will, I promise.

 In the street.

Michelle and Dev are walking in the street, in their way to Ann's hotel room.

 In the hotel.

In Ann's hotel room.

Dev : Looks like she cleared out.

Michelle : So where did she go?

Dev finds a paper in the garbage next to him.

Dev : Toronto Island Ferry schedule?

Michelle : I doubt she went sightseeing.

Someone knocks on the door.

Man' voice behind the door : Nathan?

Dev : Come back later.

Man's voice behind the door : Okay, sir.

Michelle : Let's go.

 On the beach.

Toby and Ann are walking.

Ann : I've got a guard at the hospital. I feel like I'm in danger. I don't now why. I'm sorry Toby, I don't know if this is going to work. I appreciate what you're doing.

Toby : I'm a social worker on wheels.

Ann : Well, let's see. I remember seagulls.

Toby : Okay, seagulls at a beach, that's good.

Ann : That horn.

Toby : Try to remember that night.

Ann : It's like I can see something pulsing.

Toby : Like a lighthouse. There's a lighthouse on the island.

Ann : Really?

Toby : Let's go check out the island.

Ann : Okay.

At the port.

Security agent port : I don't remember... a thousand people ride this boat every day.

Michelle : My number. If he's here again, you get the other half.

Security agent port : Do you want this back?

Michelle : You hold on it.

 At Northern Superior Mining building.

Roman Prisblanski, a scientist from the Information Technology (IT) of the company, is sat down and is having a conversation with Gerry Morrow.

Roman : You know, it's very hard to get an appointment with you.

Gerry Morrow : Well, I'm sorry about that, I'm a very busy man. I don't usually deal with IT.

Roman : You probably don't even know my name. It's Roman, Roman Prisblanski.

Gerry Morrow : Well Roman, you're message said it was something urgent you wanted to discuss with me.

Roman : This.

Gerry Morrow : What does that have to do with us?

Roman : It's an environmental assessment. It's not very flattering toward Northern Superior Mining though, is it? Yet, when the report went public, it was simply glowing. It was as if it had been altered or something.

Gerry Morrow : Where did you get this?

Roman : You remember you dead scientist, Steven Murchin? On his hard drive.

Gerry Morrow : You were sent to scrub that.

Roman : And I did, but I believe in insurance so I made a backup.

Gerry Morrow : What do you want?

Roman : Instructions are all there. Money goes into an offshore account. A dime less or a day late and that report gets leaked on the web. Your lady lawyer was very interested. I don't think she's on your team, is she?

 In a restaurant.

Michelle and Dev are watching the security videos of the port.

Michelle : How much longer?

Dev : Hey lady, you know you're color coordinating the sugars again, right?

Michelle : Well, it's not like Barista Barbie is going to do it. Dev?

Dev : Yes?

Michelle : Can you speed up?

Dev : I'm going through three days of footage here, it's not going to be instant... Okay, here, here it is. I got her.

 At the port.

In front of the ferry.

Toby and Ann are taking the ferry when Oz arrives.

Oz : Hey, you guys want to wait up? Turn around for two seconds and put a ticket...

Toby : We're about to miss the ferry.

Oz : I'm sorry.

The security agent port that talked to Michelle earlier is dialing Michelle's number.

In a restaurant.

Michelle's cellphone rings.

Michelle : Yeah?

Security port guard : Bring the other half of that bill and some tape. Your gal just showed.

Michelle : Let's go.

At Toronto Island.

Toby, Ann and Oz are walking along the lake.

Toby : Is any of this coming back to you?

Ann : Uh, no. Maybe. I don't know. Why would I have come here?

Oz : Fishing? They have fishing here. Of course they're not big fish. Also you don't want to eat anything you caught in that lake, I'll tell you that much.

Toby : So you get off the ferry and where do you go?

Ann : Huh.

Toby : Let's start at the café.

Martin is watching the scene from the other side of the walk. He's calling Gerry Morrow.

At Northern Superior Mining building.

In Gerry Morrow's office.

Gerry Morrow : Yeah?

Martin : I couldn't get her at the hospital and now she's got these guys with her.

Gerry Morrow : I need you back here. We have a problem.

 At Toronto Island.

Toby, Ann and Oz are at the café.

Oz : (To a café's employee) Hey, uh... can I have the borscht please? Yeah, that's it. (To Toby) I'm gonna get the borscht.

Toby : Does any of this feel familiar?

Ann : No.

Oz : Yeah, I know the feeling, nothing's coming to me either. Stupid speech.

Ann : You gave a speech?

Oz : I have to write one.

Toby : He's being humble, he won an award that he doesn't want.

Ann : That doesn't make any sense.

Toby : You get used to it.

Next to them, a waitress is cleaning a table when she breaks a glass. Ann, who heard the glass fall to the ground, has visual memories coming back.


Ann's thoughts.

Ann and a redhead woman, Steven Murchin's wife, are sitting at one of the café's table.

Mrs. Murchin : "You keep saying this gets so easy... you know like he took and help no other... How am I supposed to trust you? You're lying to me just like they did."

In an other scene, Ann is in her CEO's office.

Gerry Morrow : "You do this, I can't protect you."


Ann : I, I, I... I have to go.

Toby : Ann?

Ann : Please, I have to get away from here.

At Toronto.

In front of the ferry.

Ann : I'm sorry about back there. I suddenly got to scared. I don't know what's going on. I don't know if somebody did something to me or what if I did something awful.

Mrs. Murchin arrives riding a bike behind them. She talks to the security agents port.

Toby : Do you recognize this girl here on the bike?


Ann's thoughts.

Mrs. Murchin : "You, people, had my husband killed. Leave me alone, okay!"


Ann : Oh my God!

Michelle is walking towards them, following by several agents.

Michelle : Sergeant McCluskey, IIB. Lynn Kendal, I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

Lynn : I'm just...

Toby : Sorry, who are you?

Michelle : We've wanted for questioning in connection with the death of Steve Murchin.

Toby : What's going on here? Look, there's someone on that ferry over there that we should go speak to.

Michelle : Okay, okay, you know what? Have it your way. (To her agents) Bring them all in.

Oz : No. For what? Come on, are you serious? I'm going, all right.

In IIB's QG.

In Alvin Klein's office.

Michelle : Apparently her memory is coming back in bits and pieces.

Alvin : Well that's not going to help you build a case, is it?

Michelle : So, you're saying we don't go to the crown prosecutor?

Alvin : Not until you can prove that either she and-or Northern Superior Mining were involved in Murchin's death.

Michelle : Are you speaking as in-house counsel or as a friend?

Alvin : Both. What's up with those two out there?

Michelle : Paramedics. Dev checked them out. They're legit. 

Michelle is approaching Toby and Oz carrying two plastic bags with their personal effects into them.

Michelle : You two are free to go.

Toby : I'm worried about Ann.

Michelle : Miss Kendal is still under investigation.

Michelle returns in her office.

Toby : (To Oz) Stay here.

In Michelle's office.

Toby : Sergeant McCluskey? Do you mind if I speak to you for a moment?

Michelle : Sure, one minute.

Toby : Uh... On the island, Miss Kendal, she was reacting to things. At one point she freaked out. You see, she...

Toby begins to sit down in one of her chairs on the other side of the desk when Michelle looks at him to stop him.

Toby : ...sorry. There was a woman on the island and I think that this woman knows something or she's involved.


Michelle's thoughts.

Michelle : "What? Does this guy think she's innocent?"


At Dev's desk.

Oz : So... IIB, huh? What's that like, international imagination buddies?

Dev : Integrated investigation bureau.

Oz : Oh yeah.

Dev : It's right, it's right there.

Oz : It's written. It's on it. The Mounties?

Dev : Yeah, some of us. Some provincial, some local. We all get together and nab the bad guys.

Oz : Right, like a police all-star team.

In Michelle's office.

Michelle : Here, is my card. Give me a call if you have any more amazing insights.


Michelle's thoughts.

Michelle : "Okay, go now, bye bye."


Toby : I'll show myself out, thank you.

Michelle : You're welcome.

Toby : Hey Oz, come here.

Oz : (To Dev) Excuse me. (To Toby) What's the deal, Batman? Do you got anything?

Toby : I'm going to be a couple hours. You got to cover for me.

Oz : Huh? Oh, you got that look of quiet determination.

Toby : You know what to do, Robin.

Oz : Yeah, right, hide to Ryder, sure, it's worked out so well in the past.

In a park.

Roman is waiting for Gerry Morrow, sitting in a bench. Gerry Morrow is walking towards him.

Roman : You're late.

Gerry Morrow : The transaction's been made.

Roman : Not that I don't trust you but let's see if there's been any recent activity in my account.

Roman's whistling.

Roman : Well, well, you are a man of word.

Gerry Morrow : Drive.

Roman : There you go. Nice doing business with you.

Gerry Morrow is leaving towards his car. Martin is running when he sticks a syringe in Roman's neck.

Roman : You're a son of a...

Roman falls to the ground.

In IIB's QG.

In IIB's interrogation room.

Lynn : I didn't even know my own name 'till you called it out to me.

Michelle : It's called selective memory. We're trying to refresh it. Do you recognize him?

Lynn : No... I don't think so.

Michelle : Steven Murchin, an environmental scientist. He did work for your company. Four weeks ago, he died in a car accident.

Lynn : I'm sorry...

Michelle : Yeah, it was terrible. He left behind a wife and three kids. When the lab examined Steven's vehicle, they found that his brakes had been tampered with. When we questioned his co-workers we found out that he was working on a report about the toxicity levels from the runoff of one of Northern's mines.

Lynn : If this was supposed to help me get my memory back, it's a colossal failure.

Michelle : Well, that's okay. I'm a lot more patient than I let on.

At Toronto Island.

Toby is walking around Mrs. Murchin's house. He knocks on her door.

Mrs. Murchin : Oh...

Toby : Hello, hi ma'am. I'm a paramedic. My name's Toby Logan. I was just hoping that maybe we could have a word.

Mrs. Murchin : Is someone hurt?

Toby : Actually, yeah, that's why I'm here. I think you might be able to help me. It's about a woman named Lynn Kendal.

Mrs. Murchin : Lynn? And what does this have to do with me?

Toby : Well, Ms. Kendal's having difficult remember certain things about her past so I was just hoping that maybe you knew something about how we could locate her family.

Mrs. Murchin : And you say she mentioned me specifically?

Toby : Yes, she said that you met her at a café and that you were very upset with her.


Mrs. Murchin's thoughts.

Mrs. Murchin : "How did he find me? No one knows I'm here."


Mrs. Murchin : Look, did they send you here?

Toby : They? No, no, it's just me. After she met with you, Lynn was attacked and she nearly drowned. The police aren't ruling out attempted murder. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Mrs. Murchin : How dare you accuse me! They killed my husband. They threatened me and my kids. How could you say that to me! How could you say that to me?

Mrs. Murchin begins to cry.

Toby : Okay.

In IIB's QG.

In IIB's interrogation room.

Michelle : Let me take you back. 2006, a community in Alberta is contaminated by the tailing from a Northern Superior mine, lawsuit disappears. 2007 allegations of insider trading by senior company brass are raised and mysteriously go away. I'm supposed to know about all this? 2009 Gerry Morrow, your CEO, his son was involved in a hit and run, charges were dropped. So what do all of these cases have in common?

Lynn : Okay even if I worked for this Northern Superior, what is this? Guilt by association?

Michelle : Now the lawyer emerges. You know what a corporate fixer is, right Lynn? Yeah, that's the nice term.

Lynn : I don't... I don't believe any of this.

Michelle : Well, this is who you are and believe me the deeper we dig, the worse it gets.

Michelle : Now this is where it gets interesting. How do you explain this? Roman Prisblanski. He was in the IT department of Northern Superior.

Lynn : I have never even heard the name.

Michelle : Well, he was found dead today. The bodies are beginning to pile up.

Lynn : Look, I might not know who I am but I am not the monster you think.

At Toronto Island.

Mrs. Murchin and Toby are in her kitchen.

Mrs. Murchin : Yes, she came to the island. I was furious because I thought she was going to offer me some deal but...

Toby : And did she?

Mrs. Murchin : No. She said she wanted my help to prove that Northern Superior Mining was behind my husband's death.

Toby : How was she going to prove that?

Mrs. Murchin : She said she wanted to go through Steve's computer to find some report that he'd been writing. And this guy, this guy Roman showed up two days after Steve died and he said that they wanted take possession of his computer. Oh, I was so stupid! I should have listened to Lynn.

Toby : Sarah, you have to go to the police. If you don't Lynn will be charged for your husband's murder.

Mrs. Murchin : He was just a scientist doing his job.

 In IIB's QG.

In IIB's interrogation room.

Michelle : Why were you going to Toronto Island?

Lynn : I don't even remember being there.

Michelle shows her a security video from the port, showing her at Toronto Island.

Lynn : Oh my God!

Michelle : Yeah, that's you getting on the ferry two days ago.

Lynn : Starting to come back

Michelle : Who were you looking for?

Lynn : Who is that?

Michelle : You, tell me.

Lynn : That's, uh... that's the man who tried to kill me.

In Michelle's office.

Michelle : Klein is pressing me to charge her or cut her loose.

Dev : Who is this guy? Either this surveillance is too gainy for the computer or this guy just doesn't have a criminal record. This is crazy. This would be so much easier if someone would just get their memory back.

Michelle's phone rings.

Michelle : Yeah? Okay, send them up. (To Dev) It's about to get crazier.

Dev : What? Crazier?

Toby is walking with Mrs. Murchin next to him.

Michelle : This must be the woman you were telling me about. Hello Mrs. Murchin.

Mrs. Murchin : Have we met?

Michelle : No, not personally. You've been a very difficult woman to reach. Why don't you have a seat in out conference room? Dev will show you the room.

Dev : Right this way.

Michelle : I don't know what you're up to but you and I need to have a little chat, so stick around.

Toby : Look forward to it.

Toby is walking towards Lynn.

Toby : That's Steve Murchin's wife. She's going to tell them that you were going to expose the company. That's a really good thing.

Lynn : I don't know, Toby. I was told about all these things that I've done.

Toby : You went out there to tell Sarah the truth about her husband's death. You went out there to take down your employer. You put yourself in danger and they tried to kill you. You were a whistle-blower.


Lynn's thoughts.

Lynn is in Gerry Morrow's office.

Gerry Morrow : "Lynn, come on, I thought we were in this together. You know what this does to me?"

Lynn : "I will not be a party to this."

Gerry Morrow : "I can't protect you."


Lynn : I might be the only one who could stop them.

In Michelle's office.

Michelle : I didn't pressure her. She volunteered.

Dev : The woman's barely got a grasp on her own memories.

Michelle : She remembers enough.

Dev : What are you proposing.

Michelle : She calls Gerry, sets up a meeting.

Dev : Wears a wire, records her boss.

Michelle : Yeah, and if the thing goes south, we'll be right there.

Dev : We'll be right there, yeah. Yeah, I've heard that before.

 In a park.

The police's operation is beginning.

Dev : Hi, can you hear me guys? Am I transmitting?

IIB's agent #1 : Check.

IIB's agent #2 : Copy that loud and clear.

Michelle : Okay we're up.

Dev : Hey, Michelle, I don't now what this guys doing here. You got a bogey game at 1:00 o'clock.

Michelle : Who the hell is this guy?

Michelle : What the hell do you think you're doing here?

Toby : Keeping an eye on Lynn.

Michelle : You're going to blow this whole operation.

Toby : Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything stupid.

Michelle : Yeah, I hope not.

Dev : Michelle, there's our guy.

Michelle : Yeah, that's Gerry Morrow. Okay guys, we're on.


Gerry : It's good to see you Lynn.

Lynn : You too Gerry. You sounded surprised when I called.

Gerry : Did I?

Lynn : Yeah, bit like you'd heard the voice of a ghost.


Martin : "Do it and keep moving."


Toby : Something's wrong.

Michelle : What are you talking about?


Lynn : Steve Murchin had a wife, Gerry, three kids, and you had him killed.

Gerry : You just don't get it. I think this conversation's over.


Martin : "No second chances this time."


Toby : Check out the jogger.

Michelle : That's our guy. Dev, that's the guy from the ferry. All units take down the jogger.

Michelle and Toby are running towards the jogger when one of the agent catches him. Toby makes him dropped the syringe.

IIB's agent #3 : Come on, give me those hand, give me those.

 In IIB's QG.

On the IIB's balcony.

Michelle : How did you know he was carrying a needle and not a gun? I'm going to be needing a statement.

Toby : I'll drop by.

Toby leaves Michelle while Dev arrives.

Dev : He connected that jogger with the Toronto Island jogger. How?

Michelle : He know where to find Sarah.

Dev and Michelle : How?

Michelle : Yeah, I don't know Dev, but I plan to get some answers.

 In EMS' QG.

Oz is in his ambulance.

Ryder : Mr. Bay? You write this?

Oz : Yeah, it's a little over the right?

Ryder : All that stuff about team versus any single one of us? It's not half bad.

Oz : Really?

Ryder : Well, punctuation was atrocious but you got the heart of a poet.

Oz : Thank you sir.

Ryder : Yeah. You know if you ask me it's an honor that's long overdue.

Oz : Oh I wouldn't say that.

Ryder : Really? Mr. Bay, you have to learn how to take a compliment.

Oz : Yeah, among other things.

Ryder : Look, when you're up on that stage and all those people are applauding, you got to be humble, but you got to know that you earned it, and you did it. I'm proud of you.

Oz : Ah, sir? Can I have my partner from that call come up on stage with me?

Ryder : Watanabe?

Oz : Watanabi, sir. Yeah, he'd feel better about it.

Ryder : Even though he was the junior paramedic on the scene?

Oz : I couldn't have done without him.

Ryder : Really? Okay, well, I'll make it happen.

Oz : Thank you sir.

Ryder : Oh and Mr. Bay, clean up the damn truck, it's filthy.

Oz : Good talk.

 At Northern Superior Mining building.

Toby is waiting for Lynn.

Toby : How'd it go up there?

Lynn : Oh.

Toby : Hey.

Lynn : Guess they got more than they expected from Gerry. I spent ten years of my life building that company up and today I helped tear it down.

Toby : Good for you.

Lynn : It's scary.

Toby : So what are you going to do next?

Lynn : Calgary... apparently I have a life there.

Toby : I'm jealous.

Lynn laughs.

Toby : What?

Lynn : Well, I'm just remember the fact that the first moment I met you, I bolted in the opposite direction.

Toby : Right, I mean, you were going to jump in the lake... Well, I think you're headed in the right direction now, that's good.

Lynn : Thank you Toby.

Toby : You're welcome.

Toby : Good luck.

Lynn : You too.

At Toby's apartment.

Toby, Oz and Olivia are sitting in Toby's kitchen.

Olivia : Dr. Lawson was right, Lynn's memory loss turned out to be temporary.

Oz : Come on, what about us? We were the ones who rescued her, Toby jogged her memory.

Toby : Thank you.

Oz : Credit where credit is due my friend.

Toby : Thank you.

Olivia : Where it is, Lynn's got a man waiting for her in Calgary.

Toby : She's got a man, that's good.

Oz : It's kind of weird though, what does she do, just gets off the plane in Calgary and waits for the first guy to kiss her?

Olivia : All I know is a couple of months ago, you sir would never have gotten involved.

Toby : People change. Feels good.

Olivia : Charlie would have been proud.

Toby : Charlie.

They toast.

Olivia : She was pretty amazing.

Oz : Speaking of hot cops...

Toby : Don't go there.

Oz : Don't go there?

Toby : Yeah.

Olivia : (To Oz) Who?

Oz : Ah...

Toby : Forget it.

Oz : Oh I've forgotten about it.

Olivia : You brought it up.

Toby : (To Oz) No, you brought it up.

Oz : I didn't bring up anything... I didn't...

Toby : Just trying to back out of it...



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