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#202 : L'infiltré

 Le Sergent McCluskey, après avoir découvert la faculté de Toby, l'entraîne sur une affaire de traffic d'armes illégal, ce qui tourne mal quand un agent infiltré est assassiné.


Titre VO
Crime Seen

Titre VF

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


202 : Crime Seen - Sneek Peak

202 : Crime Seen - Sneek Peak


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Réalisateur : Charles Binamé

Audience 1ère diffusion sur CTV : 884 000 téléspectateurs

Le Sergent McCluskey, après avoir découvert la faculté de Toby, l'entraîne sur une affaire de traffic d'armes illégal, ce qui tourne mal quand un agent infiltré est assassiné.

(Ecrit par Samsara)

Crime Seen

In the Toronto streets.

Toby is riding his motorbike in his way to work.


Toby : (To a colleague) Morning.

In the locker room.

Toby : Morning bro.

In Toby and Oz's ambulance.

EMS dispatcher : University 2-1, university 2-1.

Toby : Go for uni 2-1.

EMS dispatcher : Proceed to 499 Augusta at College, possible cardiac arrest.

Toby : We’re on the move.

In the victim’s apartment.

Toby : Did you get those pills?

Mrs. Chan : Pills, for heart.

Toby : Okay. Thank you. (To Oz) Nitro. When was the last time he took these. Do you know the last time?

Mr. Chan attempts to take the pills from Toby’s hand.

Toby : No, no, no, not so fast. Are you on any other medications?

Oz : Mister Chan doesn’t speak a word of English.

Toby : Right, if he’s on something else and I give his nitro is BP will plummet.

Oz : Well then...

Oz makes a sign to Toby to use his power on the victim to know if he takes any other drugs.


Mr. Chan's thoughts.

Mr. Chan is thinking to stripper in a striptease box.


Toby laughs.

Oz : Well?

Toby : Didn’t help. (To Mrs. Chan) Sorry ma’am, this is very, very important. Is your husband on any other medications? Anything else?

Mrs. Chan : I don’t know.


Mrs. Chan’s thoughts.

Mrs. Chan is mashing some blue pills in a bowl. She, then, introduces the powder into a tea-pot that her husband drinks.


Oz : Did you get something?

Toby : Yeah, he’s on little blue pill.

Oz : Don’t give away his secret.

Toby : The secret is hers. Let’s get him out of here. 

In Toby and Oz’s ambulance.

Oz : Dispatch this is Uni 2-1, we have a stow and go. Patient is stable. ASA has been administered. Over. So let me get this straight, this guy is having a heart attack and he just starts thinking about some stripper?

Toby : Well, she was beautiful.

Oz : Well I guess if I had my life flashing before my eyes I'd want to conjure up a nice set of comforting memories... is that guy still alive back there?

Toby : Yeah, he’s fine. 

In IIB’s QG.

Dev : Remember you asked me to look into this Logan character?

Michelle : What did you get?

Dev : Eighteen months ago this Metro cop, Charlie Marks, gets shot and killed. Every big case that she ever broke the same name keeps popping up in the reports.

Michelle : Logan.

Dev : Yeah, Capper... she lost her life in the end trying to protect him.

In IIB’s conference room.

Michelle : Seven cases. Who knows how many more he never surfaced in.

Dev : And we're sure he's a paramedic?

Michelle : Yeah, I mean apparently a really good one.

Dev : Records just have him as an unpaid informant. I mean there's nothing to say what he bringing to the party. Could be he just had a bamboozle.

Michelle : Maybe once or twice, but case after case?

Dev : Okay, say he's the paramedic who always wanted to be a crime solving butt kicker. Could be his real skill is just manipulation.

Michelle receives a text message on his cellphone.

Michelle : Oh, I hate it when an informant says it's urgent.

Dev : You want backup?

Michelle : No, keep going on Logan. I want to know if this guy is the real deal... or if he's up to something. 

In a old port.

Michelle’s informant is approaching Michelle’s car. He sits in the passenger seat.

Michelle : Thought I made it clear, the fewer meets the better.

Informant : You gonna want to hear this, it's about that gunrunner you've been watching.

Michelle : What gunrunner?

Informant : Peter Charlebois.

Michelle : What about him?

Informant : Well he made your man and judging by that look on your face, I'd say I just earned my pay.

Michelle : I suppose you have.

Informant : It’s always a pleasure doing business with you sergeant.

The informant goes out of the car.

Informant : Oh yeah Sergeant, I wouldn't wait too long getting him out of there if I were you.


At the hospital.

Sandy : Taking nitro and...

Toby : Yeah, wife's been slipping it into his tea.

Sandy : Without him knowing? You go girl.

Toby : (In showing Sandy the front of the stretcher) You take this?

Sandy : Yeah.

Toby : Hey, Liv.

Olivia : Hi.

Toby : (To Olivia) So, beer, pizza, what do you think?

Olivia : Oh, I can't this week. I have plans.

Toby : Yeah, is he that neurosurgeon? Lawson... what is it?

Olivia : Are you doing the thing? Are you reading me?

Toby : No, no, we know you well. We know you well, I know you well; Oz, I think he's caught on. Sandy, she kind of... everyone knows what you're up to.

Olivia : Okay, so maybe we are... we're taking it slow... see where it goes. I don't know how quickly I want to get back into a relationship.

Toby : I know what you mean.

In a warehouse.

Nick : I mean it's all coming down the way we thought, shipments coming in. All these months are finally going to pay off. Watch your step.

Michelle : Nick I have to pull you out.

Nick : Don’t even joke about something like that.

Michelle : I’m not joking. An informant has told me that you've been made. You have a target on your back.

Nick : Come on Michelle, you know how these informants work, they tell you what you want to hear. It's Perry, right? What do you even pay that guy?

Michelle : That’s not the point.

Nick : No, the point is, we're this close to pulling off a bust you and I both sweated blood for. This is the show, right? This is why we do what we do. If I wanted to play it safe, I wouldn't have become a cop. Trust me, I got this.

Michelle : I understand that but I'm not going to let you risk your life.

Nick : On a takedown like this, that's as good as it gets. So I am asking you, do not do this.

Michelle : I’m sorry.

Nick : Come on... that's it, I throw away three and a half months of deep cover work on the word of some crack head? Let me at least get the drop site. Even if I'm not involved you can make your move.

Michelle : And then you're out of there.

Nick : I know you're my boss and everything, but I'll never forget that you dated my brother.

Michelle : No unnecessary risks.

Nick : Damn, those are my favorite kind. 

In a bar.

Oz : Cummings is bragging about how he saved some window washer that was stuck like 20 stories up. You did that once, right?

Toby : Yeah... first year, high rise.

Oz : I still have this thing about extreme heights. I'm good as long as I don't look down.

Toby : You know what? I couldn't have done that without my best friend.

Toby toasts.

Toby : Adrenalin.

Oz : To adrenalin.

A young woman named Phoebe approaches them.

Phoebe : So what, are you guys lie danger junkies? Sorry, I overheard.

Toby : No, no, that's okay. Yes, yes we are danger junkies.

Oz : Yeah.

Phoebe : Me too, anything that gets my heart pumping.

Oz : We’re EMS actually, so... danger is my middle name. It's pronounced Dunhair but it's seeded like danger.

Toby : Toby. Oz, and...

Phoebe : Phoebe.

Toby : Phoebe? Phoebe, I’m so curious, Phoebe, what’s... what gets your heart pumping?

Phoebe : A bunch of things. Free climbing, sly diving, motorcycles. You ever repel down a thousand foot cliff?

Oz : For breakfast.

Toby : You ever ski down a mountain on your bum?

Phoebe : Not intentionally, no.

Oz : I have to go number one. Excuse me.

Phoebe : Sure.

Oz leaves Toby and Phoebe alone.

Phoebe : You ever surf a tropical storm?

Toby : You ever hang from a chopper ski?

Phoebe : Where do you draw the line. What to you would be just too crazy?

Toby : Too crazy... too crazy would be leaving without your number.

Phoebe gives him her business card.

Toby : Risk assessment manager.

Phoebe : Girl’s living. 

In IIB’s QG.

In Alvin’s office.

Alvin : You sure Nick's been made?

Michelle : That’s the problem, I'm not sure. But how can I take the chance.

Alvin : Four months, nearly 200,000 stand a chance to intercept God knows how many guns built for body count. That's a quote, unquote on somebody.

Michelle : Do you think I like this?

Alvin : If you pull Nick on the eve of this thing you'll be losing any advantage you have. That's if the deal even goes down.

Michelle : Pierre has to go through with it. If word got out that he bailed because a cop was inside his operation, it wouldn't be good.

Alvin : We’re still drawing blanks on the bar... what is it... Loutier?

Michelle : We know nothing about him. Where he's from, what he looks like, if that is even his real name. Exchange is the only chance we may have to grab him.

Alvin : That’s my point exactly. You could be pulling the plug based on faulty intelligence. At the very least, you have to corroborate it.

Michelle : I might have an idea. 

In a park.

Toby is doing his jogging. Michelle is waiting for him on the boardwalk.

Michelle : Morning Mr. Logan.

Toby : Hey. What are you doing in my neighborhood?

Michelle : Your eyes are a little bloodshot. Did you have a rough night?

Toby : Have you been following me?

Michelle : I was hoping we could have a little chat. I brought coffee and bear claws.

On a bench.

Toby : So, what is it that you want Sergeant?

Michelle : I would like to know the truth about you.

Toby : You must have access to my file.

Michelle : I do but it doesn't answer all my questions.

Toby : Okay, I would help Charlie out on cases. I would read facial expressions, body language, things like that.

Michelle : So, you're a face reader.

Toby : If you want to call it that, yeah.

Michelle : So, two weeks ago with that amnesia victim, how did you know so much about that case?

Toby : You’d be amazed at what the face gives away.

Michelle : Yeah?

Toby : Yeah.

Michelle : Well, amaze me.

Toby : No, no, this is bogus.

Michelle : Then prove me wrong.

Toby : Oh, let's just... I don't, no...

Michelle : Oh come on, I'm just going to be back with more questions and you know what? Next time there won't be any coffee or bear claws.

Toby : Not the bear claws.

Michelle : What do you see when you look at me?

Toby : I see uh... I see... easy on the eyes.

Michelle : What does my expression tell you?


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «If he's for real I can use him.»


Toby : If I'm telling the truth you might be able to use me.

Michelle : It’s too obvious.

Toby : All right... what is the most important thing on your mind?


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «I can't let anything happen to Nick.»


Toby : You’re thinking about somebody who is close to you that you're worried about.

Michelle : You got that from my expression?

Toby : Huh, micro-expressions. Like your noise, your eyes, even in your mouth... they do all these funny little things and you start to bring it all together. To be honest I make it up most of the time... it’s not magic. Yeah, uh... next time you want a word with me, just give me a call.

Toby leaves Michelle. On the bench, Michelle is dialing Toby’s number. Toby picks up his cellphone.

Toby : That was fast.

Michelle : Mr. Logan...

Toby : Toby. You can call me Toby.

Michelle : Okay Toby, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a real bind and I would like to try out this face reading things of yours.

In a desert place.

Pierre Charlebois is waiting Mr. Loutier who is arriving in car.

Mr. Loutier : I hope this is worth the trip.

Pierre Charlebois : You’re going to be very happy Mr. Loutier.

Pierre assembles a gun in the trunk of his car and hands it to Mr. Loutier.

Pierre Charlebois : M203 grenade launcher, as promised. Takes out doors, windows, bunkers, slices onions without tears.

Mr. Loutier : And you have all four hundred pieces?

Pierre Charlebois : That and more.

Mr. Loutier : And we're on for 1500 hours?

Pierre Charlebois : You’ll get a text with the details. 

In a Toronto street.

In Michelle’s car.

Michelle : Okay here we are.

Toby : Where is here?

Michelle : Inside there's a guy in a baseball cap talking to a guy in a leather jacket. I want you to tell me what's going on between the two of them.

Toby : Okay, it's a big vague.

Michelle : It’s an undercover operation, I can't tell you anymore than that, I'm sorry.

Toby : All right, wish me luck.

Toby leaves the car and comes into the restaurant where Nick is while Dev takes Toby's seat in Michelle's car.

Dev : Hey. Nick's camera is transmitting nicely. The new has landed.

In the restaurant.

Toby : Hey, can I grab a coffee?

The waitress : Yeah.

Pierre Charlebois : Figure the guys busting my chops so I throw down and tell him his wife’s on the hefty side. Think I might have called her a mini cooper in drag. That’s real thrilling to hear. You’re lucky he didn’t smoke you on the spot.

Nick : So what’s the timing on this thing? I mean, you want me to divert Port security, I need to know when.

Pierre Charlebois : There's no rush bro, we’ll get our marching orders, you’ll get yours.


Pierre Charlebois's thoughts.

Pierre Charlebois : «Like I’m freaking going to tell you.»


Nick : Swear to God these eggs are going to kill me one day.


Pierre Charlebois’s thoughts.

Pierre Charlebois : «It won’t be the eggs that get you, cop.»

Pierre is reading a text message he has just received.

Pierre Charlebois : «Change of plans, Port’s out, new drop site, Royal.»


Pierre Charlebois : Gonna eat that?

Nick : Be my guest.


Pierre Charlebois’s thoughts.

Pierre Charlebois : «Like taking bacon from a pig, right cop?»


Toby leaves the restaurant and returns in Michelle’s car.

Toby : He knows your guy’s a cop.

Michelle : You got this from reading his face?

Toby : You want me to prove that again? Your guy’s in serious danger.

In IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s interrogation room.

Nick : I didn’t get the drop site but I’m close.

Michelle : Well, close isn’t good enough.

Nick : What? You’re really going to 86 the operation on what Perry told you?

Michelle : It’s not just him. I have someone else telling me the same thing.

Toby : Sorry, I’m late.

Michelle : Nick, this is Toby Logan, he does behavioral analysis for us.

Nick : Behavioral what?

Michelle : Face reading.

Nick : No, kidding.

Michelle : He observed you and Pierre this morning.

Nick : What the hell would you sent someone over without telling me for?

Michelle : He confirms what my informant has been saying.

Nick : Yeah? And how did you do that.

Toby : It’s a little art, it’s a little science. I mean, your face is saying things even when your lips aren’t.

Nick : But are you even a cop?

Toby : No. Do you really want to take a chance that I’m wrong? It’s your life, man.

Nick : So what did you see, man, you see a little tic, a twitch or something?

Toby : Well it’s not that simple.

Nick : Oh no, of course not, because then you’d have to explain it and no one would hire you.

Michelle : I’m going on my gut as well.

Nick : We walk away from this, we lose everything.

Michelle : I understand that Nick, but I can’t take the risk; If something is going to happen to you...

Nick : It’s calculated risk. It’s what we’re trained to accept.

Michelle : Well this is taking it too far. It’s over, I’m sorry. We’re going to figure this out some other way.

Nick : I’m not happy about this, you know that.

Michelle : I know that.

In Toby and Oz’s ambulance.

Oz : So what did you tell McCluskey?

Toby : I told her I get it from facial expressions, body language.

Oz : And she believed you?

Toby : Yeah.

Oz : You think you’ll actually ever tell her?

Toby : That I’m a telepath... uh... I don’t know if I want to go down that road again.

EMS dispatcher : University 2-1, University 2-1, 24-year-old male in distress, Bathurst and Wellington.

Oz : Uni 2-1, we’re on it thank you, copy. 

In Toronto street.

Nick is walking in direction of his car when Pierre Charlebois arrives behind him holding a gun.

Pierre Charlebois : Get in the car.

Nick : What the hell is going on?

Pierre Charlebois : Get in the car and drive. 

In IIB's QG.

In IIB's conference room.

Alvin : How’d Nick take it?

Michelle : Like you’d expect.

Alvin : It’s not like the whole thing’s been a waste.

Michelle : Well, it still doesn’t make it any easier.

Dev : I’m sorry to barge in but we got a situation on our hands.

Michelle : What’s going on?

Dev : Pierre slipped our tail about twenty minutes ago.

Michelle : What do you mean, slipped?

Dev : A real pro job, used a transport to block an alley and cut off our car.

Alvin : You got guys sitting on his known associates?

Dev : No, they all vanished... like that. This is very coordinated plan.

Michelle : Well, they’ve got to be somewhere.

Dev : I’ve checked all the known frequents but there’s nothing.

Michelle : Let’s get Nick on the line, maybe he has some ideas.

Dev : I’m getting something.

Michelle : What is it?

Dev : Michelle, Nick sent you an email.

Alvin : (Reading the letter)  «Sorry Michelle, gone too far to turn back now.»

Michelle : How could he be so stubborn.

Dev : He’s not answering his cell.

Alvin : Pierre’s gone to ground, could they have him?

Michelle : I want every resource we have out there trying to find these guys.

Dev : It’s already in motion.

Michelle : We do everything we can to find Nick.

Dev’s cellphone rings.

Dev : Hello?

Dev hangs up his phone.

Michelle : It’s Nick?

Dev : They found him, he’s being transported to St. Luke’s. 

At the hospital.

Sandy : This our guy caught in a man-eating sofa?

Oz : Pinched artery, possible deep tissue damage.

Sandy : Put him in number 3.

Toby : Can you take this, Sandy?

Sandy : Yes.

Toby approaches Michelle who is waiting for Nick’s news.

Michelle : How is he?

Olivia : It’s not good.

Michelle : Tell me he’s going to make it.

Olivia : They are prepping the OR right now. It’s best if you wait here.

Olivia leaves Michelle.

Toby : Sergeant McCluskey?

Michelle : They, uh, they just shot him in the head and left him in the parking lot to die.

In front of the hospital.

Michelle : (On the phone) Whatever it takes I want Pierre found. There’s still a deal going down. I’m going to stay here until he’s out of surgery. Let me know the minute you get anything.

Toby : Hi. Is there anything I can do?

Michelle : No. You... you did everything that you could.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «I was the one who could have done something.»


Toby : Don’t beat yourself up.

Olivia : The surgeon would lie to speak with you. 


Oz and Toby are playing table football.

Oz : Time, two... game point, here we go.

Toby is not playing. He is concerned.

Oz : Toby, it’s not your fault anymore than it was Sergeant McCluskey’s. You told her everything you could.

Toby : I told her the guy was going to be in trouble, he was in danger and look he’s in the hospital now.

Oz : You told her his life was in danger, yes, but that information didn’t get him shot.

Toby : I didn’t tell her about the text message I saw the guy get that said « change of plans ». Now how am I going to say I got that from reading his face?

Oz : If it were me, I would just tell her. I mean, what’s the worst thing she could do to me? She could say « you’re a nut job ». I’m a nut job, so what?

Toby : Well, last time I told a cop, that worked out well, didn’t it?

Toby leaves Oz. 

In Toronto streets.

Toby is walking.


Toby’s thoughts.

Toby remembers the first time he met Charlie. Toby is at the back of his ambulance when Charlie arrives.

Charlie : «Not so easy being a hero, huh?»

Toby : «So Detective Marks, you’re here to investigate the accident?»

In an other scene, Charlie is at Toby’s apartment door.

Charlie : «You know what I’m thinking.»

Toby remembers what Oz told him earlier.

Oz : «If it were me, I would just tell her. I mean, what’s the worst thing she could do to me?»

At the hospital.

Toby is calling Michelle on the phone.

Michelle’s voice message : «Hi, I can’t take your call right now, please leave a message and I’ll get back to you.».

Toby : Hey, uh... Michelle, it’s Toby. Just I’m at the hospital here I was hoping you could meet me, just want to maybe tell you something I’ve been thinking about. Anyway... yes... come and meet me at the hospital if you can.

In front of Nick’s hospital room.

Toby : (To a policeman) Hey, how you doing? I’m a paramedic, just dropping off a few personal items.

The policeman lets him enter in Nick’s room.

Toby : Thank you.

In Nick’s room.

Toby : Nick... I’m Toby. I work with the IIB. Sergeant McCluskey, everyone at the IIB, they want to get those bad guys as much as you do. Shouldn’t even be here. Look I... I’m sorry because I think I could have done more to warn you and I think it could have went down a lot differently. Stay strong, man.


Nick’s thoughts.

Nick : «Have to tell them...»

Nick remembers the scene he saw after he got shot. Pierre Charlebois and an other man are laughing.

Pierre Charlebois : «End it.»

The man laughing with Pierre Charlebois shoots Nick.


Toby : Oh my God.

Michelle : What are you doing here?

Toby : I was just... I was checking in on him.

Michelle : What do you mean, checking in on him?

Toby : There’s things I know about his shooting, details you need to hear. I know who was there, I know who shot him. I know it’s going to sound crazy because he’s in a coma, but I got it from him.

Michelle : What are you talking about?

Toby : All right, I guess there’s no other way to say it, but I just... I have to tell you that I... I don’t read faces, I read minds. Look okay, I’m telling you the truth. What do you think Charlie used me on all those cases?

Michelle : This is insane, you need to go now.

Toby : Okay, then how do you think I know all that stuff in the amnesia case, you even said it was impossible.

Michelle : Don’t you dare use me to back up this crap.

Toby : Just let me prove it to you all right. Pick a number.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «Screw this freak. Brown.»


Toby : Brown is not a number. All right, there’s no use trying to fight it because it just means I have to work harder to prove it to you.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «This is crazy, I have to...»


Toby : Go tell Dev... that I’m bogus, look, just... just pick anumber.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «84, birthday.»


Toby : 84, someone’s birthday.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «What the hell is this?»


Toby : This is me reading your mind.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «No is not happening.»


Toby : This is happening right now. I can read all your thoughts.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «It’s not possible.»


Toby : This is possible and I know it’s scary... but you can get used to it. Charlie got used to it.

Michelle : You need to stop it, stop it.

Toby : I’m reading your mind like I read Nick’s. Don’t let this whole operation and what happened to Nick be in vain. Let me help you. You’re too good of a cop not to see this.

Michelle : I want you to tell me everything you know.

Toby : Want a coffee? Two sugars, right?

In IIB’s QG.

Dev : You can’t actually believe this guy’s psychic?

Michelle : He was inside my mind.

Dev : No, he appeared to be inside your mind. There’s a million ways he could have done it and it’s all head games, power of suggestion...

Michelle : Yeah, or he could have just read my mind.

Dev : Maybe that Metro cop, Charlie Marks, maybe she believed the same thing.

Michelle : Well let’s put him to the test.

Dev : Yeah, that mind you said he read... well you’ve officially lost it, okay.

In IIB’s conference room.

Toby : I thought I was looking at mug shots.

Michelle : No, we want you to create a mug shot, it’s lie a high tech version of Mr. Potato Head.

Toby : Okay, all right, how do we begin?

Dev : Think about the gunman. Start real general.

Toby : Uh, white male, early fifties.

Dev : You got to pick the best matches, okay. Look at the shapes.

Toby : Okay... uh... here. this guy here.

Dev : Okay. What about hair?

Toby : Hair, uh... gray, short, thinning. Shorter than that. Shorter. It’s pretty good.

Dev : How about eyes?

Toby : Eyes... this... yeah, yeah.

Dev : Okay. Nose?

Michelle leaves the room.

Toby : Here we go.

Toby thinks about the scene Nick showed him.

Michelle comes back with a coffee mug.

Toby : That the guy.

Michelle : You sure?

Toby : Yeah, just tweak his ears and a little bit and that’s your Mr. Potato Head.

Dev : All right.

The computer finds the man's file thanks to the photofit.

Toby : Wow, that’s cool. Wow, that’s him. wow.

Dev : All right, uh, Theo Sheridan. Known associates include one Pierre Charlebois.

Michelle : There's no way you could have seen him before.

Toby : I didn’t, Nick did.

Michelle : He was the triggerman?

Toby : Yeah, at Pierre's request.

Michelle : There must be something Theo’s wanted on.

Dev : Yeah, yeah, it seems that he missed a parole officer meeting no too long ago.

Michelle : That'll work.

Michelle's cellphone rings.

Michelle : Yeah? I understand. Thank you.

Michelle leaves the room.

In Michelle's office.

Michelle : Miss Auletti? Ruth, yeah, it’s Michelle McCluskey. Listen I am sorry to have to tell you this. Nick didn’t make it. No, the doctors, they did everything that they possibly could. Please, give my condolences to Franck and Roger. 

In a warehouse.

In front of the warehouse.

Michelle : Theo Sheridan?

Theo : Says my name.

Michelle : Bringing you in on a parole violation.

Theo : Since when does IIB do the kind of crap, huh?

Michelle : It will give us a chance to talk about Nick Auletti’s murder. 

In IIB’s QG.

In the observation room.

Dev : If you want to communicate with the Sergeant just speak in a normal tone and if you are reading minds feel free to share.


Dev’s thoughts.

Dev : «You may have fooled her, you're not fooling me.»


Toby : I’m not fooling around Corporal, so...

In IIB’s interrogation room.

Michelle : According to your parole officer, you crossed into the States last week.

Theo : That’s my job, I'm a food buyer.

Michelle : What else were you buying?

Theo : I stopped into an Armani outlet.

Michelle : Could have fooled me, I'll tell you what you were doing. Arranged to sell a shipment of high-powered guns to a man named Loutier.


Theo's thoughts.

Theo is thinking to a red container.


Toby : (In Michelle’s ear-flap) It was red shipment container.

Michelle : We know the guns are in a red shipping container. Where's the shipment coming in.

Theo : Shipment? Oh, you mean the California oranges?

Michelle : No Theo, I mean the badass guns.

Theo : Screw you. I ain't saying another thing until I get a lawyer here.

Michelle : We know you shot Nick.

Theo : Nick? I don't know no Nick.


Theo's thoughts.

Theo remembers the scene where he shot Nick.


Michelle : First I'm going to find those guns, and then I'm going to nail you for Nick Auletti's murder. That I promise you, Theo.

In IIB's conference room.

Dev : This may be all we get. Wheelers' truck.

Michelle : Did you see anything else? We need something. We checked Theo’s apartment and came up empty.

Toby : There was a...


Toby's thoughts.

Toby remembers the red container.


Toby : ... there was a tag on the container lock.

Michelle : Maybe a custom's seal?

Dev : Any of these?

Toby : Yeah, that one right there.

Dev : They use them on cargo containers.

Michelle : Which one? Who knows how many of those come in a day?

Toby : I didn’t know how to tell you this before. I didn’t think you’d believe me but at the coffee shop, Pierre got a text he said Port Town Royal.

Dev : Port Town Royal?

Toby : I don’t know if that helps.

Dev : Yeah, according to customs, a shipment of, get this, pineapples, came into the country at Fort Erie and was due to arrive an hour ago at the Royal cargo yard.

Michelle : Call you when I get there.

Toby : Hey...

Michelle : Wait, wait, no, where do you think you’re going?

Toby : With you.

Michelle : No, no, you’re a civilian so thank you very much for all your help...

Toby : You're running out of time and you’re going to need me.

Michelle : Okay, come on.

At Port Town Royal.

In front of the port.

Michelle : (To Toby) Just wait here.

Michelle goes out of the car, followed by IIB's agents. She sees two men from the port.

Michelle : Police!

One of the men : Easy ma'am, easy... I got a permit.

A IIB's agent : (Opening the suitcases) What we got here?

There are guitars on the suitcases.

Michelle : Get the hell out of here.

Toby : Needle meet haystack.

Dev : (From the phone) I got Canada Customs, Agriculture, the trucking line and the cousin’s broker’s databases all open.

Michelle : How many containers have come in the last 24 hours?

Dev : Four hundred and twelve.

Michelle : And they’ve all been emptied?

Dev : Yes and the contents shipped out already. They don’t play around down there, it’s all by the numbers.


Toby's thoughts.

Toby remembers the red container.


Toby : Hey, any of the containers have the number 321 on them?

Dev : I got a containers with the numbers 6743-311.

Michelle : Where's it headed?

Dev : It looks like it’s headed for a company called Staffordton and Sons Distributors. 

At Staffordton and Sons Distributors company.

In Michelle’s car.

Michelle : I’ll let you know if I need anything.

In the warehouse.

Pierre Charlebois : Beautiful thing, huh?

A IIB's agent : IIB, no one move!

Michelle : Drop your weapon!

Dev : Drop it now! Go, go.

Pierre Charlebois escapes from behind. Michelle and another agent follow him.

Toby sees Pierre Charlebois from Michelle's car, then, Michelle and a IIB agent. He follows them.

In the parking lot.

Michelle and her agent are seeking for Pierre Charlebois. 


Pierre Charlebois’s thoughts.

Pierre Charlebois : «They won’t see me in here, just wait it out.»


Toby shows to Michelle where Pierre Charlebois is hidden, on the top of a truck.

Michelle climbs on the truck.

Michelle : Freeze! Drop your weapon. That’s it, nice and slow. Get up!

Pierre Charlebois : Okay Michelle, we got you covered.

Michelle : Hands behind your head.

Pierre Charlebois : Call it in.

Michelle : Nick always said you had no spine.


Toby is cleaning his ambulance.

Michelle : Hey...

Toby : Hey.

Michelle : So good thing about being a cop is we have people who do that for us.

Toby : Oh, alright, I’m very jealous.

Michelle : I just wanted to say thank you for your help.

Toby : No problem. It’s... I think it’s my duty or something, I don’t know.

Michelle : So we got our guys, case closed.

Toby : Nice, good for you, good.

Michelle : I’m still trying to wrap my head around what it is you do exactly.

Toby : You and me both.

Michelle : It’s for real though, isn’t it?

Toby : Yeah, it’s as real as anything gets in my life.

Michelle : So you can hear what people are thinking.

Toby : Yeah, and I can see it and sometimes you’re never really sure.

Michelle : And how many people know?

Toby : Very few. I guess two more now.

Michelle : Yeah, I told Dev. It must be strange getting involved with the police again.

Toby : You know, actually no. It actually helps.

Michelle : I could see us using your gift again if the situation were right.

Toby : You know where to find me.


Michelle’s thoughts.

Michelle : «And vice versa.»


Toby waves his hand to know her he heard what she has just thought.


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