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#203 : Dans la ligne de mire


Toby est le nouvel informateur secret du IIB et collabore ainsi avec le Sergent Michelle McCluskey et le Caporal Dev Clark (Rainbow Sun Francks, Stargate Atlantis), sous la surveillance d'Alvin Klein (Peter Stebbings, Murdoch Mysteries) qui ne sait rien de ses pouvoirs de télépathe. Toby vient ainsi à enquêter sur une menace de mort contre le candidat d'un parti conservateur qui pourrait être impliqué dans la mystérieuse dispartition d'un soldat en Afghanistan.



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Titre VO
In His Sights

Titre VF
Dans la ligne de mire

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203 : In His Sights - Sneek Peak

203 : In His Sights - Sneek Peak


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Réalisateur : Charles Binamé


Audience 1ère diffusion sur CTV : 861 000 téléspectateurs

In His Sights


 In EMS' training room.

Ryder : What the hell is that?

Oz : It's a hangover recipe sir, it’s um… tripe soup and Turkish coffee and a couple of things.

Ryder : Do you know what you’re doing to your body son?

Oz : Just trying to get the cinder block inside my skull out, that’s all.

Ryder : No Mr. Bey, it’s the drinking, the carousing around, the party. I mean, you are not 28 anymore.

Oz : Actually yes I am sir.

Ryder : Now look, you are young and you are single and somewhat good looking and if you need a role model here I am. You wouldn’t be the first, as a matter of fact, two hours from now I’m going to be hitting the links, I’m going to be putting these bad boys to work. I’m going to hit that little white ball, 320, 340, if the wind is in my direction.

Oz : That sounds really good sir.

Ryder : Yeah, that was a good workout.

At IIB's QG.

In IIB's interrogation room.

Toby is waiting for a IIB's agent, Billie, who has to pass him to the lie detector.


Billie's thoughts.

Billie : "Way hotter than Michelle said. I wonder if he’s single."


Toby : I'm unattached.

Billie : What?

Toby : The sensor.

Billie : Oh.

Billie attaches the sensor to Toby's finger.

Billie : Simple or yes or no's.

Toby : Yes, yes.

Billie : Have you ever taken narcotics or a medication from the ambulance for your own use?

Toby : No.


Billie's thoughts.

Billie : "Kind of Jake Gyllenhaal thing going on."


Billie : Since the age of 18, have you committed an undetected crime?

Toby : No.

Billie : Have you ever accepted money of a gift for performing your regular duties.

Toby : No.


Billie's thoughts.

Billie : "He's telling the truth. Cute and honest."


Billie : Do you know what the polygraph examiner is thinking right now?

Toby : No. How would I know that?


Billie's thoughts.

Billie : "Crap, am I that transparent?"


At Dev's office.

Toby : Hey, hey. How’d I do?

Dev : Actually I wanted to talk with you about that.

Toby : Really? Did I fail?

Dev : Yes.

Toby : You're kidding me. You’re pulling my leg, right?


Dev's thoughts.

Dev : "Damn shame. I was looking forward to working with the guy."


Toby : I know I was nervous but...

Dev : Yeah, or gullible.

Toby : No! Is this what it’s going to be like working with you?

Dev : Oh come on. How many times in my life am I going to pull a prank with telepathy?

Toby : Hopefully that was the last time.

Dev : And besides with my good looks and my deductive skills, we’ll make a great team.

Toby : Fair enough. Hey, you have any tips on McCluskey.

Dev : Never be wrong, that helps.

Toby : Okay.

Dev : Yeah just do that, it should be fine.

Toby : That sounds easy.

In IIB's conference room.

Toby : I like how you slipped in the one about the examiner.

Michelle : Just keeping you on your toes and hopefully off mine. Sigh there.

Toby : Alright.

Michelle : You are now officially a confidential informant n°A1138. Low profile. Anyone asks, I’m hijacking your observational skills: the face reading, photographic memory, I don’t care...

Toby : Everything but the truth.

Michelle : Exactly. Tell me I’m not going to regret this.

Toby : If I take time off work my bills don’t pay themselves.

Michelle : You'll be paid cash from RCI fund. It will be on a case-by-case basis.

Toby : Nice, when do I start?

Michelle : There's the training, the skill assessment, the learning curve… how about right now? Conservative party is holding their leadership convention tomorrow. Colonel James Spires and Gordon Legree the two front...

Toby : Front runners. Yeah, you know I also read newspapers.

Michelle : Oh that’s good. Well it’s no secret a lot of people despise Legree for his pro-war stance. Recently there’s been a series of threats against him, all anonymous, and so far untraceable.

Toby : And you think that maybe some are going to follow through on their threats?

Michelle : If I could answer that I wouldn’t need a telepath.

Toby : Fair enough.

In Toby and Oz’s ambulance. 

Oz : How is this undercover exactly?

Toby : Nobody knows I’m working with the cops.

Oz : Nobody knows “we’re” working with the cops.

Toby : I'm working with the cops, you’re not getting sucked in on this.

Oz : Oh so you get to be Jason Bourne and I’m Johnny Lame Job? Thanks a lot, senior buzz-kill.

Toby : Alright look, first of all you gotta pick, am I Bourne or am I buzz-kill?

Oz : You could be both. So what are we doing on this thing?

Toby : Ok look, we take care of the usual skinned knees, I read a few minds, you charm the ladies. Bob’s your uncle.

Oz : I don’t know what that means. Who’s Bob?

Toby : It's just an expression. Alright, here we go. There’s the Convention Center.

Oz : Also, Bob is not my uncle. That makes no sense.

In a stadium, place of the convention.

Colonel James Spires : (On TV)... “good for the economy, they’ll be for Canadians, they will be good for Canadian families.

Gordon Legree : (On TV) “We live in a dangerous world and burying our heads in the sand doesn’t make us any safer.

Oz : (To an injury woman) This is just a bond spray, you put ice on it for twenty minutes, off for twenty, repeat, you’ll be good. Okay? (To Toby) What exactly are you doing up here?

Toby :  Just keeping an ear out, an eye out, see if I can pick anything up.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #1 : It’s like $300 out of taxes?”


Man’s thoughts.

Man #1 : I wonder how they cover this with ice?


Oz : Just doing some light summer reading? I mean your increasing, right?

Toby : Yeah a little why?

Oz : What about those guys? About 150 feet away, that’s got to be a personal best.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #2 : Fours hours overtime begins now.


Man’s thoughts.

Man #2 : Can’t get him here. Too open… to run. I know where. Can’t turn back. Legree is mine.


Oz : Getting something?

Toby : Got a hit.

Oz : What kind of hit?

Toby : Someone’s going to go after Legree. I heard “can’t turn back. Legree is mine.”

Oz : You calling McCluskey?

Toby : I got to find Legree.

Oz : Anything I can do?

Toby : Stay put. (To people in his way) Excuse me.

In the stadium’s corridors.

Gordon Legree : (On TV)For all this posturing as a military man the truth is Colonel James Spires belongs in the Liberal Party with the rest of those waving the white…


Man’s thoughts.

Man #2 : Can’t turn back.


Toby : Stop the guy with the flowers!

Man #2 : Message for you. That was for the bleeding heart.


At IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s conference room.

Superintendant Price : It’s a lucky thing the blood spilled was fake. Let’s make sure the rest of this comes off without any more trouble. I’ll be on site with Sergeant McCluskey assisting. Are we sufficiently staffed Sergeant?

Michelle : We’ve stepped up our presence since the incident sir. We have to assume that the protestors have more up their sleeves. We’re coordinating with a number of police security.

Dev : We also have eyes and ears through the hallways, surveillance apparatus and also metal detectors at each entrance.

Superintendant Price : Any other intelligence aspects Corporal?

Dev : We have CI on the floor.

Superintendant Price : Someone inside the protest group?

Michelle : No sir, I have a man on the ground who knows how to spot trouble. He’s the one that got us on to the prankster.

Superintendant Price : Not soon enough it seems. Now I happen to know both these candidates personally.

Dev : (Whispering to Michelle) I’m sorry.

Superintendant Price : Let’s be sure we don’t have another incident.

At St Luke’s hospital.

Sandy : Is it just me or is it really quiet around here today?

Ryder : Oh Logan and Bey are moonlighting, could be that.

Sandy : Oh you know, it could be that. I mean and between Toby and Olivia and all that Melrose Place “is it really over” stuff. And Oz treating the nurse’s station like it’s a private hang.

Ryder : Yeah, that’s gotta stop.

Sandy : Although I do like Oz.

Ryder : Really?

Sandy : Not like him, like him but… I mean, he’s probably hooked up with someone anyway.

Ryder : No, he’s still prowling the open waters.

Sandy : Oh, I saw you practicing your putting in the ambulance bay earlier.

Ryder : Oh yeah, I got myself a titanium putter with the cooper insert. It’s perfect for the center of gravity.

Ryder imitates him playing golf.

Sandy : Yeah, where you playing?

Ryder : Uh Vaughn Mills, first time there.

Sandy : Don’t hit a pass or pin on the 11th, it has a wicked back to front slope.

In the stadium.

In the bleachers.

Toby : I had him, I just couldn’t get there in time.

Michelle : Well at least you spotted the threat.

Toby : So what now?

Michelle : Legree is on the warpath. He’s reached out to my Superintendant and demanded a larger IIB presence.

Toby : Ok, so what does that mean?

Michelle : So anything you see or hear…

Toby : … read.

Michelle : Bring to me and I’ll figure out how to deal with it.

Toby : Alright, got it.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #3 : Might be married but he never wears a ring.


Man’s thoughts.

Man #3 : Left a few more aisles… placard goes on sixth row. Never enough hours in the day.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #3 : Okay that guy is totally freaking me out.


Man’s thoughts.

Man #4 : Wow, check her out.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #4 : I don’t know where this goes.


Oz : (To an injury woman) That should take care of it. I mean seriously, we gotta lift from the knees when you’re doing that. Thanks for the mushroom, take care.


Man’s thoughts.

Man #5 : Fifty bucks on the Bruins. My God this will kill me.


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman #5 : There’s no way I can do a whole day.


Oz : You getting something?

Toby : Random stuff.

Oz : Never ceases to amaze me. You’re like a telepathic radar. Early warning detection system. The last line of defense against all foreign and domestic…

Toby raises a finger to make silence Oz.


Jackson Flynn’s thoughts.

Jackson Flynn : This is what you’ve been waiting for. Line it up. Only get one shot.

The man is assembling his rifle.


Toby : Do you see somebody up there?

Oz : Yeah, 2 o’clock, he’s fixing the lights or something.


Jackson Flynn’s thoughts.

Jackson Flynn : All dead, no lamb, you’ve got a bullet coming, you bastard.


Oz : Oh, hey Toby, talk to me.

Toby : He wasn’t fixing the lights.

Oz : What did you read?

Toby : Where’d he go?

Oz : Where’d who go. Who is this guy?

Toby : I got to find Michelle.

Oz : Are you sure this wasn’t another pink balloon.

Toby : He’s got a rifle, he’s going to use it.

Oz : Ok I’m coming with you. I just got to pack the rig up.

In the stadium’s corridors.

Michelle : We’ve searched the catwalks, there’s no one there.

Toby : I know what I saw.

Michelle : So you read a guy thinking about a gun, does that mean there is a gun? I still don’t know how this thing of yours works.

Toby : You have to search everybody, you have to check every room.

Michelle : We do that and the convention is over. That’s not my call. You’re the witness, you saw the gun, you have to convince my boss (To Oz) And you, have to back him up. Understood?

Oz : Totes… yes.

Michelle enters into the office room the IIB takes for the convention, follows by Toby and Oz.

Oz :  Totes is like yes.

In the office room.

Superintendent Price : Mr. Bey?

Oz : Yes?

Superintendent Price : So tell me what you saw.

Oz : On the west end of the building on the catwalk, we saw a guy.

Superintendent Price : Wearing?

Toby : Wearing beige overalls, baseball hat.

Superintendent Price : Tall, short?

Oz : You couldn’t really tell.

Superintendent Price : Caucasian?

Oz : Um…

Superintendent Price : Black, Latino, Asian?

Oz : He was pretty far away.

Toby : He was crouching down in a suspicious manner.

Superintendent Price : Suspicious how?

Oz imitates the position the guy is saw.

Superintendent Price : Are you sure it was a man?

Toby : I saw a gun.

Superintendent Price : You actually saw it?

Toby : A rifle with a scope.

Superintendent Price : You saw it too?

Oz : I saw a glint.

Superintendent Price : Well thank you very much, your vigilance is appreciated. Sergeant McCluskey will let you know if we need anything further.

Oz : Okay.

Toby and Oz leaves the room.

Superintendent Price : So are you going to tell me why you’re wasting your time with these clowns?

Michelle : They reported seeing someone with a gun sir.

Superintendent Price : With a scope, I got that. Couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman but they both saw a scope. Come on McCluskey, you trying to justify the hire?

Michelle : If Logan says that he saw a gun then I believe him.

Superintendent Price : Now your guy, he failed to stop an assault. So what does he do, he sees another threat to redeem himself.

Michelle : That’s not who he is sir.

Superintendent Price : This convention is going to choose the next leader of the party, maybe even choose the next Prime minister. I’m not going to shut it down based on a couple of overactive imaginations. If there is an imminent threat bring me the evidence.

In the bleachers.

Oz : I don’t know, smuggling a balloon bull of red paint into a hotel and sneaking a big ass rifle into a convention are two very different things.

Toby : No I know. I, I know what I saw. You saw the guy up there too.

Oz : Yeah, but if he was just daydreaming or something. I mean you know, you’re looking down at the crowd from the catwalk, you think “oh, maybe this is how Oswald felt” I don’t know.

Toby : Right but this was different. The guy, he had intend, it was like he was lining up his target.

Oz : Well, the guy could be anywhere.

Michelle arrives. Oz goes back at his ambulance.

Michelle : Hey.

Toby : It’s everything I saw and heard when I connected with the guy.

Michelle : Weapon being assembled, voices saying metal lamb…

Toby : It was all bathed in the red light.

Michelle calls Dev.

Dev : (On the phone, in the IIB’s conference room) Ok, metal lamb. In Chinese astrology it signifies both the years 1931 and 1991.

Michelle : I’m not sure the Asian community is particularly upset with Legree. Is there anything else?

Dev : The only other reference I get is a metal hair barrette with a cite little lamb design.

Michelle : Maybe he pissed off a bunch of 13 year old girls.

Dev : Then there’s no saving him.

Michelle : Keep digging.

Michelle hangs up.

Michelle : Everyone’s on alert between IIB and Hall security. We’re going to find this guy assuming he is there.

Toby : He’s here, I saw him.

Michelle : I’ll let you know if I need anything else.

Michelle leaves Toby. Oz comes back.

Oz : Hey dude, come on, you did your duty right. You called it in. There’s security guards everywhere and outside is teeming with the cops. So what more can you do, huh?

Behind the bleachers.

Toby makes signs to Oz to distract the security guard that is approaching.

Security guard : Whoa, whoa.

Oz : Oh, hey, level “C”, chest pains?

Security guard : Chest pains?

Oz : Yeah. Level “C”, chest pains, loss of breath.

Security guard : Guy, this is level “E”.

Oz : Yeah, that’s what I said, level “E”.

Security guard : “E” as in “echo”.

Oz : Echo, on no, sorry I meant “C” as in “chalupa”.

Toby walks forward in the corridor.


Jackson Flynn’s thoughts.

Jackson Flynn opens a bag and takes the rifle.


Toby begins to run, then searches where Jackson Flynn could be. He climbs the stairs to the top of the stadium. He walks around and saw a suspicious man. Toby crouches in order to hide from Jackson Flynn.

Security guard : You, stay right there!

Toby : Whoa, whoa.

In the office room.

Toby : You call our supervisor?

Superintendent Price : He’s on his way.

Oz : Oh great.

Superintendent Price : Now would one of you, gentleman, like to tell me why one of our confidential informants faked his way into a restricted area?

Toby : This is bananas. We’re not a threat, we came to you.

Superintendent Price : Unfortunately.

Michelle enters in the room.

Michelle : Sir, if you’ll just hand them over to me I promise this won’t happen  again.

In the stadium’s corridors.

Toby : So maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go up there.

Michelle : My boss has you pegged as the one who cried wolf.

Toby : Only there is a wolf and his intentions are lethal.

Michelle : (To Oz) You, Totes… back to the ambulance. (To Toby) You, come with me.

In the security room.

Michelle : Wooden stock?

Toby : Metal and vents going down the barrel.

Michelle shows to Toby a list of rifle from her laptop. Toby points out a model.

Toby : No, shorter than this and the quick was in the middle of the gun.

Michelle : That doesn’t sound like a rifle.

Toby : That’s what I saw in his head. There was also two magazines, one in the front, one behind the grip.

Michelle shows him another list.

Toby : Very close to that one.

Michelle : Yes?

Michelle clicks on the model.

Toby : That’s it right there!

Michelle : Well, that’s not some nut job with daddy’s hunting rifle. That’s some serious hardware.

Toby : How serious?

Michelle : Only pros walk around with these… law enforcement, anti-terrorists squads, military.

Toby : Spires makes a big deal about having served in Afghanistan.

Michelle : The metal lamb thing could be code for battle op.

Toby : If he’s ex-military, what if Legree is not the target, what if it’s actually Spires?

Michelle : From now on, no assumptions, the target could be on either candidate.

In the middle of the stadium centre.

Oz walks towards the ambulance, to find Ryder waiting for him.

Oz : Sir this was all a big misunderstanding.

Ryder : Seems to be both of your fortes. Where’s Logan?

Oz : He’s still filling them in on what he saw.

Ryder : You know I could have been slicing golf balls into the trees today. How do you think I feel about having to give that up?

Oz : Not particularly happy.

Ryder : Well I’m guessing you, gentlemen, will be getting my next round.

Oz : No, absolutely. My friend Eric knows this great strip bar, we can head there after work and it’s like…

Ryder : Round of golf Mr. Bey.

Oz : Oh, of course…

Ryder : A round of golf!

Oz : Right, I don’t know why I said strip club, they’re not even…

Ryder : Shut up, I’m going to walk away now.

Oz : Cool. I’ll be in then. I’ll just stop… stand here and stop talking.

In front of a hotel room.

Robert Ventone : Can I help you?

Michelle : Sergeant Michelle McCluskey, IIB.

Robert Ventone : Robert Ventone, Chief Security.

Michelle : Do you have a minute?

Robert Ventone : Mr. Spires isn’t available at the moment.

Michelle : We’re looking into possible threats against the candidates.

Robert Ventone : Anything that rises to a level of serious concern?

Michelle shows to him the rifle photograph on her cellphone.

Michelle : Ever seen one of these?

Robert Ventone : DSR1 bull-pup. German Army used something like it to base defense up NORAD.

Michelle : You ever seen it used domestically?

Robert Ventone : Trade shows in the States. It’s SWAT weapon, long distance tool, very specialized.

Michelle glances at Toby, standing in the corridor.

Michelle : You were over there with Colonel Spires?

Robert Ventone : Yes ma’am, private, 2nd battalion.


Robert Ventone’s thoughts.

Robert Ventone remembers a scene in Afghanistan.

Colonel James Spires : “We’ve got a problem.


Michelle : You agree with the Colonel about pulling out of the war?

Robert Ventone : We lost a lot of good people fighting over a useless patch of territory that wasn’t worth dying for.

Michelle : Do the words “metal lamb” mean anything to you?


Robert Ventone’s thoughts.

Robert Ventone : “How does she know about that?

He remembers the scene in Afghanistan again.

Scott Flynn : “They’ve all dead, metal lamb. I am not signing this lie.

Corinne Romley : “Pick it up!


Robert Ventone : Sorry, no idea.

Michelle : Thank you for your time.

Michelle walks towards Toby.

Toby : He’s lying. He was thinking about an argument or something, a struggle in a military tent. It wasn’t too clear. I heard the words “they’re all dead metal lamb”.

In the office room.

Michelle : Okay what’s he hiding?

Michelle opens files on her laptop about militaries from James Spires’s unit.

Michelle : These soldiers were in the same unit as Ventone. Did you see any of them when you were bouncing around in his head?

Toby : That guy right there, that’s the guy saying “metal lamb”.

Michelle : Private Scott Flynn.

Toby : And this is the woman he tangled with when he freaked out.

Michelle : Corinne Romley, his top advisor.

Toby : You think Flynn’s our shooter?

Michelle opens Flynn’s files.

Michelle : Well that would be some trick. Flynn never made it home. MIA and presumed dead. So whatever went wrong that day, in the desert, this incident that you’ve been seeing, you think that’s what is driving the shooter?

Toby : Spires was in command of the unit, he was the one in charge of life and death decision.

Michelle : Dangerous mission, things go sideways, Flynn blames his commanding officer. Still doesn’t explain how he’s back from dead.

Toby : Let’s say he survives and he makes his way home and then he dedicates himself to one thing.

Michelle : Payback to the man who sent him into battle. Yeah, it’s a theory.

Toby : It’s all I got. You got a better one?

Michelle : A discharged troop blames blowhards like Legree for getting us into the mess. I don’t know. I’m not ruling anything out.

In front of a hotel room.

Michelle shows her badge to a security guard.

Michelle : We’re here to see Corinne Romley.

The guard comes in the room, followed by Michelle and Toby.

Colonel James Spires : (To a man from his staff) It’s all for the union, ok. Every deposit…

Corinne Romley : Corinne Romley, Chief of Staff.

Michelle : Sergeant McCluskey, IIB, we spoke on the telephone.

Corinne Romley : The kind of frenzy Legree whips his supporters into we get our fair share of threats. The but good news is this is the same team that kept the Colonel safe through Kandahar, Kabul and the Shah-i-Kot Valley, so I’m sure we can get him through a political convention without incident. I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.

Toby : Toby Logan.

Corinne Romley : Let me guess, undercover?

Michelle : Can you think of any reason that someone would want Mr. Spires dead?

Corinne Romley : Is this just an overabundance of caution or is there something you’d like to share with me?

Toby : What can you tell us about Scott Flynn?

Corinne Romley : What does that have to do with the current situation?

Michelle : Humor us.

Corinne Romley : Private Flynn disappeared on night patrol in Jalalabad.


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Corinne Romley : “Flynn…

Scott Flynn : “I am not signing this lie, they’re all dead.

Corinne Romley : “Get a grip, soldier!


Corinne Romley : We heard enemy fire, he never returned. You have no idea what that can do to a unit.

Toby : Did they ever find his body?

Colonel James Spires : We left him behind.

Michelle begins to get up to introduce herself.

Colonel James Spires : Oh don’t get up.

Corinne Romley dials a number.

Corinne Romley : Excuse me. (On the phone) Sagen. What?

Colonel James Spires : It’s a hell of a thing to go off to war with just a weapon in your hand and a soldier at your side and one promise that you cling to… if you fall, you will not be left behind. We failed him, pure and simple. Now I assume this is about that unfortunate attack on Mr. Legree?

Michelle : No sir, we have the man responsible for that.

Colonel James Spires : Good, good.

Michelle : We think there may be a much larger threat against you, Colonel Spires.

Colonel James Spires : Really?

In stadium’s corridors.

Toby : I’m thinking Spires was there when it all went down.

Michelle : Same incident in the barracks?

Toby : Yeah, this time I saw bodies lined up on the ground.

Michelle : Enemy soldiers or their own?

Toby : Not sure, look like a family that were covered in sheets.

Michelle : Well, whatever it was, that puts Spires, Ventone and Corinne Romley together with Private Flynn sometime before Flynn goes missing. I’m going to get Dev down here. Come with me, I’m may going to need you.

In the middle of the stadium centre.

Toby : Ouch! Why are you using one-inch staples?

A man with a sign : So it doesn’t come off when you’re waving it around.

Ryder : Mission accomplished.

Oz : You know next time you should just use one of those big foam fingers.

The man with a sign : Just get it off me damn it.

Ryder : Mr. Bey, can you explain to this man that we’re trying to help him and his attitude isn’t helping?

Oz : What my boss is trying to say is that we are trying to help you and your attitude isn’t helping. Ever doing some crack as a kid?

Ryder : Here you go.

Oz : Thank you sir.

In the office room.

Dev : I dug this out of the security tapes. Tell me if this is your guy.

Toby : Yeah, that’s him, beige overalls, baseball hat. Why?

Dev : Comes out in about a minute… fast forward.

Michelle : Do you think that could be Flynn?

Toby : Can’t make out his face.

Dev : He didn’t go with a bag but he’s coming out with it.

Toby : So he didn’t go up there to plant the gun, he went up there to pick up.

Michelle : Which is how he must have gotten past security. Dev alert all units to search for this guy.

In a red room, Jackson Flynn is loading a rifle and adjusting the scope. Then, he takes off his suit and leaves the room disguise as a police officer. He finds a police officer.

Jackson Flynn : Geez, give a guy a heart attack.

The police officer : Didn’t know you were up here, man.

Jackson Flynn : Just finishing a sweep, it’s all good.

In the stadium floor.


Toby’s thoughts.

Corinne Romley : “Get a grip, soldier!

Scott Flynn : “They’re all dead. I am not signing their lies.


Ryder : (To a wounded woman) So there, I was baby in one hand, the fire was so close I could still…

Toby : Listen Sergeant, I want to apologize for earlier…

Ryder : Alright maybe you can apologize now for interrupting me.

Toby : Right.

Ryder : So just keep this immobilized as possible you know I recommend that you take an X-ray just to make sure.

Ryder’s cellphone ringing.

Ryder : Excuse me. (Reading) Superficial burns backstage. Yeah, ok. (To Toby) Well Mr. Bey and I can handle that. (To the wounded woman) Thank you very much, ma’am. It was nice meeting you. (To Toby) You’re on duty back here.

Toby : Yeah, well, you know the cops are probably done with me anyway, so…

Ryder : Yeah, you know Logan? Not that you’re asking but you know where I’d be if I screwed up the way you do?

Toby : You probably wouldn’t be wearing that grey shirt…

Ryder : Probably not gainfully employed.

Toby : Right.

Ryder : Pain in the neck?

Toby : No, sort of have a little headache.

Ryder : No, I mean you!

Oz laughs.

Ryder : Now I don’t know why you and your partner were requested for this detail but I got to figure there’s a reason. All I ask is that someday you tell me what it is.

Toby : Sure.

In the office room.

Dev : Flynn’s only family is a brother named Jackson back in Edmonton, still haven’t been able to reach him though.

Michelle : What about the weapon?

Dev : There’s three SWAT teams in Canada testing the bull-pup sniper rifle, London, Quebec City and Edmonton. I got calls into all three.

Michelle : Well Flynn is from Edmonton, why don’t you see if there’s a connection.

Dev : The minute those doors open, the bodies pile in it’s going to be a lot harder to find our guy.

Michelle : Thank you. Dev your optimism is always appreciated.

In a hotel room.

Corinne Romley : How did they get the name?

Robert Ventone : I don’t know! Look she asked me to the words “metal lamb” mean anything.

Corinne Romley : God!

Robert Ventone : Should we tell them?

Corinne Romley : No! Take care of it.

In the office room.

Toby knocks on the door.

Michelle : Hey.

Toby : Hey.

Michelle : Sorry I got you in trouble with your boss.

Toby : I guess I could say the same thing.

Dev : Grab a chair, man.

Toby : Sure. What’s going on?

Dev : I had to circumvent a few firewalls and proofs an IP but I got to some way deep military records. “Metal lamb” is actually “Methar Lam”. It’s a town 47 km northwest of Jalalabad.

Toby : Impressive.

Dev : You got your skills, I got mine.

Michelle : 2006 Spires unit was in the area.

Dev : Here’s the official report. While they were patrolling outside a cluster of towns east of the town the Taliban came in and wiped out the farmers. Cable news reporter Donna Tadeo saw the incident.

Dev plays a video from the incident.

Journalist : (On the video)Eight bodies all attributed to a brutal Taliban attack. Now these villagers have all been accuse of cooperating with allied soldiers, something as of yet that has not been confirmed.

Michelle : Two weeks later Flynn goes MIA.

Toby : “They’re all dead, Methar Lam”, that’s what Flynn was talking about, the attack. It feels like a cover-up.

In a hotel room.

Corinne Romley : This reeks of a last minute political smear.

Michelle : Well I believe there is a dangerous person out there who’s motivated by something that happened back in Afghanistan.

Corinne Romley :  Is that right?

Michelle : Why did Flynn let you down back in Methar Lamb?

Corinne Romley : He didn’t let us down, we let him down.

Michelle : What do you mean?

Corinne Romley : I’m sitting here, he isn’t.


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Scott Flynn : We murdered those people. (On the satellite phone) Jackson, it’s Scotty… I’m in deep here. Look at the Methar Lamb…

Scott Flynn is caught by someone.


Toby : We know Flynn was making satellite phone calls back home, he told someone what happened. He wasn’t supposed to be making calls, was he?


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Corinne Romley : “How do they know all this? I’m being set up.


Michelle : Who was he calling? He wasn’t married.


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Corinne Romley : “Ventone, he selling me down the river.


Toby : You got to tell the Sergeant everything.

Corinne Romley : He has an older brother who lived in Edmonton. He called him every week on Satellite phone. It was his emotional lifeline.

Michelle : So he told him what he saw.

Corinne Romley : We didn’t talk about what we saw over there. I wish I could forget what I saw. We were chasing phantoms.

Michelle : And you thought you found them.


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Corinne Romley : “Stop now, stop. Don’t say another word.


Toby : Ventone says you were responsible, that it was your call.

Corinne Romley : That’s a lie. We had intelligence reports, we had reliable intelligence reports. They were holed up in that farmhouse.

Michelle : So there was not any Taliban fighters in that farmhouse, was there?

Toby : Flynn wouldn’t go along with the cover-up.

Corinne Romley : He was a standup man.


Corinne Romley’s thoughts.

Scott Flynn : (On the satellite phone)Look at Methar Lamb…

Scott Flynn is caught by James Spires. He struggles to escape. James Spires catches him up and shot him.


Toby : We know Colonel Spires shot Flynn. You’re covering up for him.

Corinne Romley : You don’t understand, it was an accident.

In the stadium floor.

Ryder : Well if you ask me, neither one of these mothers is worth voting for.

Oz : Yeah, the law of probabilities being what it is I guess one of them has to win this thing, right?

Ryder : It’s like choosing between mayonnaise and white bread.

Oz : I don’t even like mayonnaise.

Ryder : You know I should go into politics.

Oz : You should sir.

Ryder : Yeah, I got something to say.

Oz : Yeah you are totally full of opinions, yeah. You know what? You’d have my vote, right off the bat.

Ryder : You patronizing me, Mr. Bey?

Oz : No.

In the office room.

Superintendant Price : Contact Klein and the Military Prosecution Service, find out how we proceed on this thing.

Dev : What about Spires? Do we wait until after the convention?

Superintendant Price : First I want to hear everything you have.

Dev : Well the MIA soldier’s brother, Jackson, turns out he’s a 12 year vet of the Edmonton police. He’s a SWAT team sniper. He spent the last four years lobbying both the military and politicians to look into his brother’s death.

Superintendant Price : But nothing came of it no doubt.

Michelle : They shut him down. His last few emails accuse the army of cover-up.

Toby : Sir, Flynn was on the phone with his brother filling him in on the attacks when he was killed.

Dev : That’s not all. The brother took a leave from the Edmonton police four weeks ago. They haven’t been able to reach him but they just sent me his photo.

Superintendant Price : Are you telling me we have a SWAT sniper gone rouge and no one can find him?

Toby : There’s got to be a list of everyone who has authorized access to the Convention Hall.

Dev : I already cross referenced names but now I can plug on the fiche where O can… it will just take me a second.

Michelle : Why don’t you go back down to the convention floor and see if you can get anything?

Toby : Sure.

Michelle : Okay.

The recognition software matches the photo sent my Edmonton police with the list of police security from the stadium.

Dev : Not good. Jackson Flynn used an assumed name.

Michelle : He’s working security.

Dev : Got his temporary assignment three weeks ago.

Superintendant Price : Unbelievable.

Michelle : Well that explains why your sweeps keep coming up empty and why he had free reign to come and go.

Superintendant Price : We’re an hour away from the doors opening, get the word out now. I want every cop in the building checked. I want this man found and until he is, this Convention does not go forward.

Michelle : We have to keep Spires away from the Convention floor, it’s the sniper’s kill zone.

Dev : Too late… that looks like an impromptu press conference, that’s going out live.

Superintendant Price : We need to get down there. Alert our people on the floor.

In the stadium floor.

Colonel James Spires : (On press conference) Now I’ve been getting a lot of questions in this campaign about what we intend to do financially… and well, we’ve come up with a budget answer…

Michelle : (On the phone) Keep looking, I want a twenty on every security guard in the building.

Superintendant Price : Let’s do this quietly, I don’t want chaos on national television.

IIB’s agents checks police officer on the top of the stadium.

In the stadium floor.

Toby is looking on the top of the stadium, towards a big Canadian flag hanged on the top.

Colonel James Spires : (On press conference) …they’ll be good for Canadian families. We’re looking into universal childcare…


Jackson Flynn’s thoughts.

Jackson is in the red room, loading his rifle.


Toby looks towards James Spires. Then, he looks at Michelle and indicates Jackson’s hiding place. They run. The Superintendant Price run towards James Spires and alerts his guards.

Colonel James Spires : (On press conference) …we will not be closing down any prisons. Now Mr. Legree says he has a plan, we haven’t heard anything…

In the top of the stadium.

Toby and Michelle are running towards Jackson Flynn. He is about to shoot. Michelle opens the door and points her gun at him.

Michelle : Don’t do it Jackson!

Toby : Your brother wouldn’t have wanted this.

Jackson Flynn : Spires murdered him.

In the stadium floor.

Colonel James Spires : (On press conference) Thank you very much for your time ladies and gentlemen.

In the top of the stadium.

Michelle : You’ve proved your point. Step away from the weapon.

Jackson Flynn : He has to pay for what he did.

Toby : Spires buckled under the pressure, Scott didn’t. He stayed true to his cath as a soldier.

Jackson Flynn : I heard him dying!.

Toby : I know you did. This isn’t going to bring him back.

Michelle : Step away from the weapon.

Toby : If you love your brother, don’t dishonor him.

Michelle : There’s going to be a military investigation, the truth will come out.

Jackson begins to cry. He lays down the weapon.

At IIB’s QG.

Toby knocks on the IIB’s conference room.

Toby : So we’re good?

Michelle : The Superintendant has agreed to let me keep confidential informant A1138… discreetly.

Toby : Alright, so he didn’t ask any questions?

Michelle : As long as he gets results he doesn’t want to know anything. The Army has reopened the case on the Methar Lam incident. They are also looking for Flynn in Afghanistan. For now they’re classifying it as friendly fire.

Toby : And what about Corinne Romley’s statement?

Michelle : Military investigations are slow and behind closed doors. But you know what? It’s going to take a while, we’ll keep the pressure on and we’re going to nail Spires.

Toby : Can you believe that guy almost become the next Prime Minister?

Michelle : The good thing about politics is close doesn’t count.

Toby : Right, or shoes, darts…

At Toby’s apartment.

In Toby’s kitchen.

Toby : And another beer for you.

Oz : Oh I’m going to switch to water.

Toby : What’s wrong? You never met a brew you didn’t like.

Oz : I know, I just wanted to start taking a little bit better care of myself. You know, I can’t back you up at work if I’m hangover.

Toby : True, yeah. Well why can’t you turn over this new leaf tomorrow, that would be much better.

Oz : Why? What’s the difference?

Sandy knocks on the door.

Toby : Hey, come on in!

Sandy : Hi!

Toby : Hey!

Oz : Hey, Sandy, what are you doing here?

Sandy : I’m here to play cards. Didn’t Toby tell you?

Oz : Slipped my mind.

Sandy : Where’s Olivia?

Toby : She’s on her way.

Oz : Whoa, what’d you bring here?

Sandy : Oh, I’ve got brie, cranberry, jalapeto jelly and salt water crackers.

Toby : And what is wrong with chips?

Sandy : I don’t do junk. Sue me. What I need is a drink because this Zinfandel is calling my name. Can I pour you some?

Toby : He can’t, he’s turning over a new leaf.

Oz : Yes, yeah, I am turning over a new leaf… from beer to wine… so this is perfect. Antioxidants, right?

Sandy : Excellent. Why don’t you pour yourself a glass and then get me a straw for the rest.

Oz : A woman after my own heart… Sandy Wardwell!

Toby : Nice.


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