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#207 : Dernière partie

 Le Sergent McCluskey demande l'aide de Toby et de son mari, Adam Reynolds (Kris Holden-Ried, The Tudors, Lost Girl) pour soulever le mystère entourant la mort d'un agent de la CSIS (la CIA canadienne) et la divugaltion de rensignements classés secret défense.


Titre VO
Ace in the Hole

Titre VF
Dernière partie

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France


207 : Ace in the Hole - Sneek Peak

207 : Ace in the Hole - Sneek Peak


207 : Ace in the Hole - BTS

207 : Ace in the Hole - BTS


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Réalisateur : Kari Skogland

Audience 1ère diffusion sur CTV : 851 000 téléspectateurs

Ace In The Hole

In a park.

Oz : Oh, oh…

Toby : Out of the way, out of the way. Hey, come on, it’s embarrassing. Put your shoe back on.

Oz : Dude, she stripped me.

Toby : She did not trip you. She was nowhere near you (To the other players) Back away.

Oz : Hey, get back your side man, I’m fine ladies. She stuck her leg out, and she tripped me.

Toby : Really? Come on.

Oz : You try!

Toby : I’m going to take her. She’s mine now.

Oz : All right, medics, we gotta stop her! Let’s get the ball back, come on! One steamboat, two steamboat, three steamboat, four steamboat, five steamboat… Toby, get the flag, man!

Toby missed to take the girl flag. She scores.

The girl : Ha, ha, ha! Alright!

Toby : Yeah.

The girl : Hey, nice dive Linda.

Toby : Oh!

Oz : She’s killing us out there.

Toby : She’s very athletic, I’ve got nothing on her.

Oz : Except the force.

Toby : No way.

Oz : Whether we lose the game, we’ll be the laughing stock of paramedics everywhere. Look at these guys! I wouldn’t call them to get a cat out of a tree.

Toby : Let’s go. Ha, ha.


Girl’s thoughts.

Girl : “Fake left, cut right, but it hung.”


Oz : One steamboat, two steamboat, three steamboat…

Toby takes the ball.

Oz : … hey, look at this! Go Toby!


Girl’s thoughts.

Girl :Get back here, you little…”


Oz : Dude, she was honking mad at you.

Toby : She was?

Oz : I thought she was going to deck you.

Toby : Huh.

Oz : To be honest with you, I’m surprised you didn’t catch up with her.

Toby : I could have caught her.

Oz : Ha ha, okay.

Parker : How did it go?

Toby : We stuck it to the Fire Department.

Parker : Right on.

EMS colleague #2 : Nice.

Oz : Here we go.

Parker : Nice.

Oz : Thanks.

EMS colleague #2 : Have a good one.

Oz : Hey Parker, am I going to find another open can of tuna in my glove compartment?

Parker : Oz, are you kidding me? I’m more creative than that.

Oz : Ha ha, okay. Let’s see here, couple of giant turds, check… what else we got?

In a crime scene.

Dev : The deceased name is Ben Philcox. He worked for CSIS as a communication specialist.

Michelle : That’s a polite way of saying he’s a spy.

Dev : Some spy, don’t see any hidden chambers or special weapons.

Michelle : I know, it’s very disappointing. So who found him?

Dev : His mother, she couldn’t reach him for a couple of days and got worried I guess. The body is back here. Look’s li Philcox had a special little hobby.

Handcuffs are tied to the bed and BDSM stuffs are in the bed.

The body is in the bathtub.

Michelle : Nice way to find your son. Is he married?

Dev : No, our super spy Ben Philcox was a bachelor, apparently kept to himself.

Michelle : Looks like ligature marks on his ankles.

Dev : (Showing the handcuffs) Well…

Michelle : Yeah.

Dev : That’s why we use safe words.

Michelle : I guess his playmate didn’t want to stick around. We have his cell phone right?

Dev : Yeah.

Michelle : Well, let’s try to find this person of interest.

At St Luke’s hospital.

Oz : Jimmy Choos, yeah? I just don’t think that’s fair, I don’t think I’m a hater. This girl was OMGing and LOLing with her BFFs while in a club.

Toby : And I think she might have been drinking a little bit too, right?

Wounded girl : My shoulder hurts!

Toby : That’s because it’s separated.

Sandy : Let that be a lesson, always wear flats when sexting.

Wounded girl : It really hurts, I need some more pain killers.

Oz : Ok, like we’ve already so given you all the pain killers we can.

Sandy : Let’s say we just get you down to X-ray, hum?

Toby : Yeah. Thank you.

Wounded girl : For God sakes Meghan!

Olivia : No more texting. Doctor’s orders, I’m sorry sweetie.

Toby : Meghan’s okay.

Toby’s phone is ringing.

Oz : Speaking of sexting.

Toby : How’d you guess? Yeah.

Olivia : You two off shift?

Oz : Just got to get the rig back and get charged, what’s up?

Olivia : Well, I was thinking you know, night cap?

Oz : Oh, night cap, yes, night cap!

Toby : Alright, you guys go ahead, I um, really not off duty yet.

Oz : TTYL, Toby.

At IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s interrogation room.

Michelle is interrogating a woman of interest in Ben Philcox case. Toby and Dev are watching from the surveillance room.

Michelle : So you were Ben Philcox’s lover, right? We went through his phone records. We know he called you and you went to his house. So what happened? Rough sex gets out of control?


Woman’s thoughts.

Woman :Perfect.”

She remembers Ben Philcox in the bathtub, dead. She takes the handcuffs.


Woman : After we finished, he went to take a bath. I found him in the tub.

Toby : (In Michelle’s ear bud) She’s lying.

Michelle : So why didn’t you call the police or an ambulance?


Woman’s thoughts.

She is arranging the bedroom, placing BDSM stuffs in the bed.

Woman :It’s looked after.”


Woman : I just panicked.

Toby : (In Michelle’s ear bud) Something is wrong here, she planted the bondage gear.

Michelle : I know you’re lying. Fine, we’ll put you in a 72 hour lockup until we get to the bottom of this.

Woman : You wouldn’t do that.

Michelle : You don’t think so?

The woman writes a number on a paper and shows it through the way mirror.

Woman : Call that number.

Michelle : What the hell is this?

Woman : Call the number.

Dev dials the number.

Toby : (In Michelle’s ear bud) Dev’s calling.

In IIB’s surveillance room.

Dev : Hello, this is Corporal Dev Clark. Yes sir. Okay. Thank you sir. (Through the way mirror) Michelle, she’s free to go, she works for CSIS.

Toby : (Through the way mirror) Seems like your naughty girl’s a spy.


In Toby and Oz’s ambulance.

Oz : A hot CSIS agent into leather? Why can’t I meet women like that?

Toby : Ok, you know what, I’ve probably told you too much already. I’m just going to stop. This is not your normal criminal case.

Oz : What? Come in, you see any hidden cameras here? It’s me.

Toby : That’s not the point, man.

Oz : It’s Oz! Besides, if you want to know about trench coats and poison darts, I’m your man.

Toby : Alright, why would they make up a story like that?

Oz : Disinformation.

Toby : Disinformation?

Oz : Yup, trying to ruin the guy’s reputation, make everybody focus on one story, and you’ve got the truth underneath it, covered up. Standard boiler plate spy agency stuff man.

Toby : Yeah, what movie did you get that from?

Oz : It was a book. My question is what is so important about this guy?

At IIB’s QG.

In Alvin’s office.

Michelle : The real question is, what is so important about this guy that would made CSIS pull such a stupid stunt?

Alvin : I know, I actually wonder sometimes why they’re called intelligence agencies. Can you open this please?

Alvin gives to Michelle a meds flacon.

Alvin : I spoke with Ottawa, they want CSIS to say they’re sorry.

Michelle : Oh nice, maybe we can have a healing circle as well.

Alvin : Apparently a couple of their field agents were improvising on the fly. CSIS is now promising their full cooperation.

Michelle : So lies don’t work, and they resort to the truth. Are you…

Alvin : Hung over? Yes. Drinks with a college friend. I don’t remember the cab ride home. But my cognitive powers are about to kick in any second now. There you go. Ok, the reason everybody is so jumpy is because Ben Philcox traveled on the regular to Baltimore, where he consulted with the CIA.

Michelle : He had access to classified American intelligence.

Alvin : And that’s why the CSIS wants to know if that’s what he was murdered over. Of course they’re asking for IIB’s help.

Michelle : Right, now that they’ve compromised the evidence. See what I can do.

Alvin : I don’t have to tell you that we’re probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg here.

Michelle : Well, I’ll try to avoid the full on Titanic.

Alvin : Yes please.

Michelle shuts the door abruptly.

Michelle : Sorry!

In IIB’s conference room.

Michelle : Hey.

Dev : Hey.

Michelle : So what do you have?

Dev : Well, autopsy results are in, cause of death, asphyxia, due to drowning, but his lungs were filled with heavily chlorinated water. Forensics is thinking like a swimming pool or a hot tub or something like that.

Michelle : So, he was drowned, then brought to his house to make it look like he died there.

Dev : Yeah, I looked at the cellphone records, and they place Philcox in the area of Spadina and Wellington.

Michelle : Pools?

Dev : Yup, there’s 22 in a three block radius. There’s no way to tell how many hot tubs though. But, there’s a whole lot of cameras that they put up for the G20 summit, and I found this. Here we go. Friday night, 9:45. Spadina, he turns onto Wellington and heads west, but I didn’t find any footage of him exiting Wellington.

Michelle : And...

Dev : And there’s one pool. Thompson Hotel. I know the doorman.

Michelle : Of course you do. You want to go check it out?

Dev : Yeah.

In front of Thompson hotel.

In Dev’s car.

Doorman : Can we make this quick? It’s my day off.

Dev : I remember you got this thing for faces.

Doorman : Don’t mean I know names.

Dev : (Showing him a photo) You recognize this guy?

Doorman : Maybe.

Dev : Maybe? (Giving him $50) Is he a hotel guest?

Doorman : He comes to the Friday night games.

Dev : Poker?

Doorman : Real high stakes. Supposed to be kept discreet, so management don’t like us talking about it.

Dev : Who else is at these games?

Doorman : I don’t know names. You could check the security cameras, you’ll see they black these guys faces out when they come. Look, I could lose my job for talking to you.

Dev : Yeah, you’ll lose your job, look at my mascara, it’s running.

At St Luke’s hospital.

Oz : Kiddo I know it hurts now, but trust me, it’s going to hurt more later.

Sandy : Ok, this our bicycle stunt man? Learned the hard way what “do not try this at home” means, did you?

Oz : In the epic battle of iron railing versus groin, there can only be one winner Sandy.

Toby’s phone is ringing.

Toby : Look, you know, I’ve gotta…

Toby steps aside Sandy and Oz.

Toby : (On the phone) Hey.

Sandy : Ok, do you get extra pay when he takes off like that?

Oz : I get extra work.

Toby : (On the phone) How’s it going?

Michelle : (On the phone) Good, I have something else for you to do.

Toby : You got more spook stuff for me, do you?

Sandy : One or the other. Alright, let’s get him down to X-ray and get let’s try 10mg of morphine.

Oz : I already gave him 5, around 21:30.

Sandy : Really?

Oz : Probably got a lower pain threshold than us. Like that club girl we brought in.

Sandy : Yeah, well, pain management is tricky business.

In Adam Reynold’s bar.

Michelle is at the bar while Adam arrives. 

Michelle : Hey, uh, vodka soda.

Adam : Hey.

Michelle : Hey.

Adam : You look beautiful Mich.

Michelle : Thank you.

Adam : Hug? I was surprised to get your call.

Michelle : I needed information, and I thought, who better.

Adam : You thought of me, when you needed information?

Adam friend : Hey Adam, how you doing man?

Adam : Just like the old days huh?

Michelle : Yeah, except now you don’t really own the place, right?

Adam : Such a peach, I’m going to get it back though, I’ve got a plan.

Michelle : You’ve got a plan. Of course you do.

Adam : Yeah.

Michelle : Listen…

Adam : Oh wait, wait no, I was in Florence and I saw this and thought of you. 1892 Shelley. It’s got some great plates. You still like Shelley?

Michelle : I do, I hardly have time to fit in poetic justice.

Adam : Well that’s a crying shame.

Michelle : Listen I have to ask you about a game.

Michelle hears music.

Michelle : No, are you kidding?

Adam : Just one dance.

Adam leads Michelle to the dance floor.

Michelle : No, no, no, no… seriously?

Adam : Very seriously.

Michelle : Ok, it’s weekly high stakes. Played in the penthouse of the Thompson.

Adam : Are you talking business?

Michelle : I’m trying.

Adam : How would I possibly know about a poker game? I don’t do that anymore, remember?

Michelle : Oh, you don’t, no. So if I go hit your speed dial, I’m not going to get a bookie named Sid?

Adam : His name is Ernesto.

Michelle : Ah, Ernesto. Well, I’m guessing you know some people who could give you some information.

Adam : If it’s that important to you, I will make some inquiries.

Michelle : I would appreciated that.

Adam : And what do I get in return?

Michelle : A thank you note.

Adam : Perfume?

Michelle : Don’t push it.

A man arrives, whispering something to Adam.

Adam : Uh… I just have to take care of something, I’ll back in a second.

Michelle : Okay.

Michelle meets Toby, sitting somewhere in the bar, observing the scene.

Toby : (Complimenting Michelle) Wow, you are good.

Michelle : Ok, stop.

Toby : I did not expect the dancing. It was like a bonus.

Michelle : Ok, shush. What did you get?

Toby : What did I get? Ok, he’s lying to you about being out of gambling.

Michelle : That doesn’t surprise me.

Toby : But he is sincere about wanting to help you.

Michelle : Good.

Toby : How well do you know this guy?

Michelle : Why?

Toby : There was other details… visuals, I mean… you look good in black lingerie with stockings, garter belt.

Michelle : Ok, sorry about that, uh yeah… well that makes sense.

Toby : Does it?

Michelle : He’s my husband.

Toby : What?


Oz : So McCluskey digs the bad boy, eh?

Toby : He’s more like a playboy really.

Oz : Huh. That’s kind of hot actually.

Toby : How is that hot? How is that hot?

Oz : (Shutting the back door of the ambulance) Forgot my phone.

Parker and his partner arrive to take their shift.

Oz : Yeah, just goes to show you don’t really know who you know until you know them, isn’t that right Parker?

Parker : Right. I’m actually a masked crime fighter by night.

Oz : You’re kidding? I would have pegged Toby, I was way off.

Toby : Where would I find the time.

Oz : Oh, okay.

At IIB’s QG.

In Michelle’s office.

Alvin calls Michelle from his office.

Michelle : Yup?

Alvin : Looks like you might be right about this high roller poker game. CSIS did some deep sea drilling into Philcox’s private life. Turns out he drained his bank account and maxed his line of credit over the last 6 weeks, roughly the same time as those poker games.

Michelle : And what did he makes a year?

Alvin : 75, give or take.

Michelle : So where did he get the money to stake in?

Alvin : Someone could have staked him.

Michelle : Yeah.., and then got him into debt up to his eyeballs. It’s classic spy move. Find a weakness and then exploit it. So somehow, he has to repay these debts, the savings are gone, what does he have left to value?

Alvin : Yeah, access to classified information. On his last trip to NSA, Philcox accessed files he shouldn’t have, names of operatives operating in hot zones.

Michelle : Well if that was he was dealing, then every mission is in jeopardy.

Alvin : Yeah, not to mention their lives. Hey, can you get me a coffee?

Michelle : No!

Alvin : Well you’re closer.

Michelle : Like 2 steps!

Michelle hangs up.

Alvin : Where is your sense of humor!

Receptionist woman : (Through the phone) “Sergeant McCluskey? Adam is waiting for you in the conference room.”

Michelle : Thank you.

In IIB’s conference room.

Adam : You did it. It’s pretty sweet office Mich, congratulations.

Michelle : Thank you.

Adam : (Showing her the book) You forgot this.

Michelle : I did, yes.

Adam : I hope not on purpose.

Michelle : Of course not.

Adam : No, of course not.

Michelle : So what did you find out?

Adam : Well, this game has been going on apparently for the last 6 weeks, every Friday. And the only way in through the door is to stake up 150 large, keeps the riff raff out.

Michelle : So who gets in?

Adam : Pros, wanna bes, invitees. The only real absolute is the cash.

Michelle : And what kind of security will be at the game?

Adam : Well they’ll be concerned about cheats, so they’ll be sweeping for electronics.

Michelle : Windows?

Adam : Blinds down for sure.

Michelle : Well, I need to find out what’s going on in that game besides poker.

Adam : Well I could help you out if you could just tell me what I’d be looking for.

Michelle : It’s classified, my hands are tied.

Adam : I gotta know what I’m walking into here.

Michelle : I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you.

Adam : Well I’m sorry, I can’t help you.

Michelle : Ok, ok, okay. A CSIS operative was murdered, and we think the answers to why and who did it are in that game.

Adam : Murdered, huh? So you need a madly skilled poker player with rakish good looks to charm the info out of them?

Michelle : I thought you didn’t play anymore.

Adam : The things we do for love, huh?

Michelle : Yeah.

Adam : Okay. If I do this though, I get to keep my winnings.

Michelle : No, this is a police operation, and if anyone goes in, it will be one of my guys.

Adam : No way, these guys will smell a cop.

Michelle : Then we’ll set someone up as staff.

Adam : They’ll be vetted. The only way to get a seat at a table like this is to be a legitimate poker player. And I think the reason I’m here is that I’m still the best one you know.

Michelle : Ok, say I agree, and I haven’t yet, I would still want one of my guys to go with you.

Adam : They’re going to get sussed out.

Michelle : No, this guy’s different.

Adam : Different how? Dancing in the moonlight in a speedo kind of different?

Michelle : I will set up a meet to introduce you two.

Adam : I can’t wait.

At Toby’s apartment.

Michelle knocks on the door.

Toby : Hello?

Michelle : Hey, it’s me.

Toby : Be there in a second. (Opening the door) Hey.

Michelle : Hey, I’m really sorry to bother you at home, I know you, you weren’t picking up your phone, and it’s really important, and… (A girl arrives from Toby’s bedroom.) Oh…

Toby : I’ll just be a second. It’s just work related.

Michelle : She’s… really tall.

Toby : She’s athletic.

Michelle : Yeah. You are in your underwear.

At St Luke’s hospital.

In front of the hospital.

Oz : Hey Sandy.

Sandy : Oz, hey, what are you doing here.

Oz : I need to talk to you for a second?

Sandy : Ok, look, I know I keep putting off, it’s just my work schedule is kind of a nightmare right now, and…

Oz : Oh no, it’s not that.

Sandy : Oh.

Oz : Yeah, I need to ask you a favour, on the QT.

Sandy : What sort of favour?

Oz : I need you to get something tested for me.

Sandy : Ok, I don’t like where this is going.

Oz : It’s not bad, it’s just, you know, I know what I’m doing.

Sandy : Ok.

Oz : Yeah?

Sandy : For you.

Oz : Yeah, uh, it’s really good to see you, cool, okay. Pocket, pocket, pocket… it’s morphine off the truck. I’ll explain later. Walk away. Thank you.

Sandy : So, you weren’t trying to reschedule our date?

Oz : Oh, uh, yeah, sure. I thought this was “work us”, not that there’s an “us”. You know, you and me, this is separate from that.

Sandy : Ok, it’s cool.

Oz : So we can figure that out when you have time, ‘cause I have time… I’m good. I have time, I have some time.

Sandy : Ok, I’ll text you.

Oz : Yes.

Sandy : Ok.

Oz : Sure.

Sandy : Yeah.

Oz : Yeah. That was fun, yeah.

At Toby’s apartment.

Michelle : So what do you think? Will you do it?

Toby : Well, I can read the players’ minds, I can see what cards they have, I won’t be able to change what cards they get or what cards I get. I can’t change the fate of the game.

Michelle : No, no, I just want you to be the fish.

Toby : What’s the fish?

Michelle : Sorry, you live with a gambler for 6 years, you pick up their lingo. A fish is someone who comes to a game with a lot of money, and little experience, and the other players, the sharks, they circle the fish.

Toby : So you don’t care if I win or lose.

Michelle : No, you’re just there to tell me what the hell’s going on.

Toby : Cool, alright, and keep an eye on Adam.

Michelle : I… I think your tall friend is waiting for you.

Toby : She is probably… uh, I will, yeah I’ll help you out.

Michelle : Ok.

Toby : Cool. Wish me luck.

At IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s conference room.

Michelle : Toby Logan, meet Adam Reynolds.

Adam : Hey man.

Toby : Hey.

Adam : Look, I am sure that you are a good cop and all, but if we’re going to do this, I want to make sure you’re not going to screw it up.

Toby : Nice to meet you too.

Adam takes out a game card.

Adam : Give me a cut.

Toby : You want to run a hand?

Adam : Boy’s bright.

Toby cut the game card in two. Adam distributes the cards.

Toby : Well, I wouldn’t normally fold that, a pair of jacks, but I will. Wanna know why?

Adam : You’re folding, yeah, enlighten me.

Toby : ‘Cause I saw you mark the cut in the deck. So, let’s just pretend like everything is status quo, and I didn’t do that, I didn’t fold, I’m playing this hand. What do you have? 6, 8, suited. Not bad. Look at that, three jacks. I’m looking good. You’ve got 4 spades, oh look at that, another spade, flush. So, that’s why I folded my pair of jacks. So, did I pass my part of the audition?

Adam : Yeah, you’ll do. Just get yourself some decent clothes. Now all we need is an invite to the game.

Michelle : We’ve set up a meet for you guys to get yourselves an invitation from Jake Cougan.

Adam : Jake Cougan the Brit?

Michelle : You know him?

Adam : Yeah, you can say that.

Michelle : Ok, well you guys wear a wire, and we set up surveillance.

Adam : No, that’s how people get hurt. Look, we go in, no wire, we’re not going to be heroes, but we do promise that we get into that game. That ok with you?

Michelle : (To Toby) You good with that?

Toby : Me? I’m all in.


In the basketball court.

Toby : Alright…, for the game, home.

Oz tries to score. He misses the basket.

Toby : Oh!

Oz : Aw!

Toby : “E”, H-O-R-S-E. 5 bucks.

Oz : You had me at Ho. You know, you got your little investigation going, I’ve got something in the works too.

Toby : Yeah, that a boy initiative.

Oz : Yeah, let me ask you this.

Toby : Yeah.

Oz : Say you had a coworker that you thought was playing with fire, not like in the fire, but just sort of poking at it. What would you do?

Toby : Tell him what I thought.

Oz : You’d tell him what you thought though, not management?

Toby : Right.

Oz : Yeah.

Toby : Talk to him, see what he has to say.

Oz : Alright.

Toby : You know, I need your help, I’m looking for a new suit.

Oz : Why didn’t you say so my good man? Osman Bey, sartorial consultant at your service. I’ve got an uncle who used to work in the garment district.

Toby : Yeah, I don’t doubt that.

At IIB’s QG.

Dev is in the break room with a cup of coffee.

Michelle : Oh, thank you. (Taking the cup) This is clean, right?

Dev : Yeah. So turns out that Jake Cougan has got an Interpol file. He’s into import export with ties with some insurgent groups. Groups that would be very interested in getting their hands on some classified American information.

Michelle : Maybe he found out about Philcox and his gambling problem.

Dev : Cougan sets up a series of big money games, and gets Philcox in so deep that he can blackmail him. Philcox turns over whatever information he has, and the next night he gets murdered.

Michelle : Alright, maybe he outlived his usefulness.

Dev : Or, got cold feet, or just greedy?

Michelle : So the real question is, has killer already passed the information on to some foreign power.

Dev : I don’t think so, the CIA intercepted some chatter about a grade A American Intel exchange going down this Friday night in Toronto.

Michelle : Poker game.

Dev : Exactly. Hey Michelle, tell me if I’m out of bounds on this one, but you really think it’s a good idea to bring Adam into this investigation?

Michelle : I think it’s a little late for second guessing.

Dev : I just… You’re just getting your life back together, I don’t want to see you get mixed up in that again.

Michelle : Ok, thank you, but I think I’ll be okay.

Michelle closes her office door.

Dev : I’m just going to get ready for the stakeout.

Michelle : You know what? Take the night off.

At Toby’s apartment.

Oz : Check man… check man, it’s fine. Eli, Toby. Toby, Eli. He’s going to make you look like a million bucks.

Toby : This is your uncle?

Oz : Yes. You’re not a tall, right?

Toby : Maybe European tall.

Toby tries a suit.

Oz : Uh, not crazy about it, no.

Toby : I feel like a basketball player.

Oz : Yeah, you look like you just came from all-star weekend.

Toby tries another suit.

Oz :  No. You look like an unemployed magician.

Toby tries a third suit.

Oz : Ah, ah, yes, now we’re taking my friend. What do you think?

Toby : Pretty Franck and Dino.

Oz : But that’s good, Toby, poker’s about perception. You don’t play the cards, you play the players, man, and you look like a player.

Toby : Oh yeah, I look like a player.

Oz : Oh yes.

Eli takes Toby’s measures.

Oz : I think you’re supposed to cough when he does that. You know the best part, you got enough left in your suit budget for me to get something.

Toby : No.

Oz : Just a shirt.

Toby : No.

Oz : Pocket square.

Toby : No.

Oz : Want a chocolate almond?

Toby : Yeah.

At Jake Cougan’s apartment.

Adam : (To Toby) Just let me do the talking, yeah?

Jake Cougan is in a sofa, surrounded by girls.

Hello Jake.

Jake Cougan : Hello Adam.

Adam : It’s been a long time.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :Ah, ah this geezer’s got a lot more bollocks that brains.”


Jake Cougan : How’s about we have a little chat about that 100 grand you took from me, eh?

Adam : You lost it my friend.

Jake Cougan : Now what do you reckon the interest is on 100 grand over about a year, eh?

Toby sees Jake Cougan’s gun.

Toby : Woo…

Jake Cougan : You, I don’t know who you are, so keep your mouth shut. (To Adam) So where’s my money?

Adam : Everybody hits the river buddy, just my lucky day.

Jake Cougan : And you’ve been ducking me ever since.

Adam : Can I get a drink here or something?

Jake Cougan makes a sign to the bar tender.

Jake Cougan : So now you’re back.

Adam : Yeah, we heard about this little Friday night game you got going on, we want in.

Jake Cougan : Sorry mate, it’s for gentlemen only.

Adam : Can I assume you’re scared?


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :Scared?” (Remembering drowning Ben Philcox) “Ask the last geezer who crossed me.”


Jake Cougan : Oh yeah, I’m quaking in my Italian loafers. Who’s the tosser?

Toby : Me? Oh, sorry, uh, Toby Logan.

Jake Cougan : Is that supposed to mean something?

Toby : Well, I got what it tales, I want in on your game.

Jake Cougan : Did you hear that, girls? The kid here thinks he’s got what it takes.

Adam : He’s got the cash, Jake. I’ll vouch for him.

Jake Cougan : I won’t hold that against him.

Adam : Come on, I’m giving you a chance here to win back your money, you’re not going to take me up on it?


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :No respect. If I let these geezers in, half the town will know about the game.”


Toby : Mr. Cougan, I just want you to know that if I win or lose, no one’s gonna hear about this game. I’m going to keep it on the down low.

Jake Cougan : Friday night. Bring some cash, and some spare bollocks.

Adam : Thanks Jake, looking forward to taking your money again. Oh, and uh, thanks for the scotch.

Jake Cougan : Glad you like it. Pay for it next time, why don’t you.

Adam and Toby leaves.

Jake Cougan : Girls, get your bikinis on. Eugene, you stay there.

At IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s conference room.

Toby : Cougan murdered Philcox, and he’s probably got the information, right? I mean, why can’t you just arrest him?

Michelle : Because we still don’t have any proof, and even if we did, Cougan is just the seller, we still have to figure out who the buyer is.

Toby : And the buyer is probably going to be at the game.

Michelle : My guess is Cougan doesn’t even know who he’s passing the info to.

Toby : It’s just like in a movie when a spy leaves a briefcase in a train station and another spy picks it up.

Michelle : It’s called a dead drop. Neither knows who the other one is, that way if either one of them is caught, the whole operation won’t collapse.

Toby : So all I have to do is figure out who Cougan is passing the information to.

Michelle : Exactly, and then you pass the info on to me.

Toby : Cool, well I thought this place was surveillance proof.

Michelle : Well, the poker room is. Dev is, uh, putting in a discreet listening device close to the bar. People take breaks in high stakes poker.

Toby : Yeah, biggest game of poker I had before this, I won $150. Now I’m going to be playing with 150 grand, that’s… what are the odds?

At St Luke’s hospital.

Oz : Hey, Sandy, did you get the results on the morphine?

Sandy : Yeah.

Oz : And?

Sandy : And, when I saw them I told Olivia.

Oz : What? What did you do that for?

Olivia : She did that because she was doing the right thing. Thank you Sandy. (To Oz) Come here.

Sandy leaves them.

Olivia : Oz, what is going on?

Oz : Uh…

Olivia : Come here. This morphine is diluted with saline solution. What gives?

Oz : I’m not sure exactly, I just know that the last couple of times we’ve given morphine to a patient, it hasn’t really kicked in like it’s supposed to.

Olivia : So it came off your truck.

Oz : Yeah.

Olivia : And someone is siphoning off the morphine for their own use.

Oz : And then replacing it with saline so nobody notices. I think it’s one of the guys we share our rig with. I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure.

Olivia : I have to report it.

Oz : No, no, no…

Olivia : I have to report it.

Oz : Just, let me try to handle this my way first please Liv? Please?

Olivia : Fine, but if it doesn’t work out, I am legally obliged to report it.

Oz : Okay.

At IIB’s QG.

In IIB’s interrogation room.

Adam is waiting in the interrogation room while Michelle is watching him from the surveillance room.

Adam : Come out, come out wherever you are.

Michelle comes in the interrogation room.

Michelle : How did you get in here?

Adam : Oh you know, good old Klein. Couple of drinks and he gave me the keys to the kingdom.

Michelle : So you’ve been drinking?

Adam : So you’ve been working?

Michelle : You’re not backing out on me, are you?

Adam : No, just a little concerned about our boy Logan. You know me, I like to work alone.

Michelle : Yes, I’ve noticed.

Adam : I miss that smell.

Michelle : It’s called sweat. I’ve been here for 14 hours and I need a shower.

Adam : I always liked it when you were dirty. Anyone see us in here?

Michelle : There’s two cameras.

Adam : Should we turn them off?

Adam kisses Michelle.

Adam : I shouldn’t have done that, should I?

Michelle : No, you shouldn’t.

Adam : But I am glad I did.

Michelle : You have not changed one iota.

Adam : Come on, I have changed at least two or three iotas.

Michelle : Two or three?

Adam : I just didn’t think this would happen again.

Michelle : What?

Adam : You trusting me.

Michelle : You think I trust you?

In IIB’s conference room.

Adam : That gives a whole new meaning to the term petty cash.

Michelle : Well it’s all going to need to be accounted for.

Toby : This should be fun.

In Jake Cougan’s apartment.

In the poker game room.

Toby gives his suitcase to the cashier, than Adam does the same.

Toby : How you doing?

The cashier gives to Toby and Adam their money back.

Adam : Hey Cougs.

Jake Cougan : Everybody sorted?

The poker game begins.

Toby : Fold.

Poker player #1 : He’s bumping it up a little.

Adam : Everybody called?

Poker player #2 : Montreal kicks in.

Poker player #3 : Montreal kicks in. We’ve good.

Toby :  Thank you. I’ll take these.


Poker player #3’s thoughts.

Poker player #3 :Maybe he’s got nothing. Too tight to go for three.”


Poker player #2’s thoughts.

Poker player #2 : “Play tight for a few hands. Looks like an easy win. I can take him.”


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :Two pairs. The beauty is, tonight I win, no matter what.”    


Adam : Gentlemen, I can’t catch a break so I’m going to take one.

Poker player #4 : Playing the flops.

The cashier comes back.

Cashier/Waitress : You doing of for drinks?

Poker player #5 : Cold.

Poker player #3 : I’ll have a scotch, please.

Cashier/Waitress : Sure. (To Toby) Yourself?

Toby : I’m good. You’re busy.

Cashier/Waitress : Yeah, double duty, chips, booze, whatever you need.

Jake Cougan : I’ll take a vodka this time.

Jake Cougan throws a poker chip to the woman, as a tip. She let it fall on the ground.

Cashier/Waitress : Oh! Ha ha.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan introduces a poker chip with a microchip in it.

Jake Cougan :Just slip into the stack, and away we go.”


Jake Cougan : Maybe we’ll both get lucky later, if you know what I mean.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Toby sees Jake Cougan puts on his sunglasses to discern the microchip in the poker chip.


Toby : I fold. I’m going to get some fresh air.

Man : Gentlemen, let’s all take a break after this hand.

In the break room.

Toby : (Putting his ear bud) There’s a poker chip, with a microchip in it. Cougan has put it in his stack.

Michelle : (In her car, outside Jake Cougan’s apartment) Somebody’s gotta end up with it.  

Cashier/Waitress : (To Toby) Hi. Just wanted to let you know the game is resuming.

Toby : Oh yeah, yeah, I don’t even like playing in there to be honest with you.

Cashier/Waitress : (To the other players) Games back on in five.

Michelle : Toby, Toby.

Cashier/Waitress : What’s wrong, those guys aren’t your sort?

Toby : No, I prefer playing online poker. I can play in my pajamas, don’t have to look the opponents in the eyes…

Jake Cougan : I was wondering where you got to. (To Toby) You trying to pull my bird?

Toby : What does that mean?

Jake Cougan : Ha ha! You’ve got some brass bollocks son, I’ll give you that. Come on, game’s starting.

Toby : Wow.

In the poker game room.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :Garbage hand, unwinnable. Now’s the time.”


Jake Cougan : All in.

The house dealer : Player all in.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Toby sees the microchip again.


Toby’s thoughts.

Michelle : (In IIB’s conference room)Called a dead drop. Neither one knows who the other one is.”

Toby :So all I have to do is figure out who Cougan is passing the information to.”

Michelle :Exactly, and then you pass the info into on to me.”


Adam : You’re bluffing Cougs.

Jake Cougan : Do you Reckon?

Adam : You left cheek always twitches when you do. That’s how I got you in Belize.

Jake Cougan : What do you think Logan? Is my left cheek twitching?

Toby : I fold.

Man : Player folds.

Jake Cougan : Your mate doesn’t think I’m bluffing.

Poker player #3 : How much is that, 170?

Jake Cougan : Ish.

Poker player #3 : I’m on.

Man : Player all in.


Adam’s thoughts.

Adam :Pair of kings. Thank you poker gods, thank you Michelle.”


Adam : I’m with you buddy, all the way.

Jake Cougan : Alright.


Poker player #1’s thoughts.

Poker player #1 :Not a chance. I’m out.”


The house dealer : Player folds.

Adam : Show ‘em.

Players still in show their cards.

Adam : Ha ha ha!

Poker Player #3 : (To Jake Cougan) I can beat that.

Adam : Jake, I can read you like a book. Pair of cowboys. Bring it!

The house dealer shows the rest of the cards.

Poker player #3 : Alright, it’s a beautiful ace, isn’t it?

Adam : It’s made my day.

The house dealer shows another card.

Adam : Two pair.

Poker player #3 : Come on, no king.

Adam : Bring it baby, bring it!

The house dealer shows the last card.

Adam : Set of kings.


Jake Cougan’s thoughts.

Jake Cougan :Can’t believe it’s him, Mr. Bollocks with brains. Never would have guessed.”


Adam’s thoughts.

Adam :Worked like a charm.”


Jake Cougan : You’ve done me again riddles. I’m finished. Kindly sort yourselves out.

Adam : Thank you gentlemen. Jake, this is getting to be a bad habit. Thanks for the game.

Jake Cougan : Always a pleasure Ronnie.

The house dealer : Congratulations sir, well done. Good hand.

Adam : (To Toby) See you downstairs.

In the break room.

Toby : (In his ear bud) The guy you’re looking for, it’s Adam. He’s on his way down, sorry.

Michelle : (In her car, outside Jake Cougan’s apartment) What? No, that can’t be, we brought him into the game.

In front of the elevator.

The woman Toby talked with earlier is passing by.

Toby : (To the woman) Goodnight.

Cashier/Waitress : Goodnight.

In front of Jake Cougan’s apartment.

Adam : Hey.

Michelle : Hey, we need to talk.

Adam : Why, what’s up?

Michelle : Where’s the chip?

Adam : What chip?

Michelle : The poker chip?

Adam : What are you talking about Mich? Hey…

Michelle’s phone is ringing.

Michelle : Hey. Look, he doesn’t have the chip.

Toby : (In the hall of the building) Cashier gets all the chips, no matter who won.

Michelle : Where is she?

Toby : She’s upstairs.

Michelle : What about Cougan?

Toby : He’s upstairs.

Michelle : Ok, I’ll meet you there.

Toby : Ok.

Toby is going upstairs by the stairs while the cashier is putting a silencer into her gun. Toby arrives upstairs and catches the cashier while she shoots Jake Cougan. The bullet touches Jake Cougan’s shoulder. Michelle arrives with another IIB agent.

IIB agent : IIB, drop your weapon!

Michelle : Drop it!

Toby : I got it! I got it. Is he shot? (Walking towards Jake Cougan) Cougan.

Michelle : Put your hands behind your head.

Toby : Let me see this.

Michelle finds the poker chip in the cashier’s pocket.


In the locker room.

Oz : Sounds like quite the intense evening, Mr. Bond.

Toby : Worst part was, the spy was beautiful.

Oz : As they always are.

Toby : Which you know is my weakness, beautiful spies.

Oz : Hey, what’s up Parker?

Parker : What’s going on?

Oz : (To Toby) You mind if I have a second?

Toby : Yeah, no problem.

Oz : Hey Parker, can I have a word?

Parker : What’s going on man?

Oz : So I know about the pain meds.

Parker : What are you talking about?

Oz : Come on, I’m trying to give you an opportunity to help yourself out here. I did some research. I know about a year ago, you broke your leg in that fire in Donlands. You think that’s the first person that’s ever happened to? Took a little morphine for the pain, leg wasn’t healing right, am I warm?

Parker : Look, I’m good, ok?

Oz : Okay. You can either go to Ryder right now and get some help, or I’m going to do it for you.

Parker : You really want to see me get in trouble that bad?

Oz : No, dude, no. The opposite. I’m trying to get you out of trouble.

In the basketball court.

Toby : So you have any more room for me at the Wednesday night poker game?

Oz : I don’t think a high roller like you wants to play at our penny ante table?

Toby : Yeah, I wouldn’t mind slumming it with the peasants. It’s all good.

Oz : Well if you think you can win without reading our minds, you’re more that welcome.

Toby : How would you know? I’ve got no tells.

Oz : What about the staring?

Toby : I’ll put on sunglasses.

Oz : Nice.

In Adam’s bar.

Michelle : Hey.

Adam : Hey.

Michelle : So your friend Cougan is cutting deals anywhere he can.

Adam : Oh yeah.

Michelle : Yeah, he pretty much admitted to setting up the whole game to get Philcox on the hook.

Adam : What about the murder?

Michelle : He’s claiming self-defense.

Adam : Ha-ha. Yeah, I bet this left cheek was twitching when he said that.

Michelle : Yeah.

Adam : What about the spy?

Michelle : She hasn’t said a word.

Adam : Well, she will. She doesn’t know who she’s up against. So is that it?

Michelle : I’m sorry I can’t give you the 50 grand you won.

Adam : I won a lot more than that. So don’t worry about me. But that’s not what I meant.

Michelle : I know.

Michelle takes out of her purse the book Adam gave her.

Michelle : I, um, I can’t  go back there.

Adam : For what it’s worth, I’m sorry I screwed up a good thing.

Michelle : Yeah, me too.

Adam : Have your lawyer send those papers over ok? I’ll sign them this time.

Michelle : Yeah, thanks.

Michelle kisses him and then leaves.


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